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After.Dark.Horrorfest.Tooth.And.Nail.2007.Limited.DVDRiP.XviD-iNTiMiD (2007)

imdb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0922642
genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller
director: Mark Young
title: Tooth and NailĀ (2007)
main cast: Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones, Rachel Miner
remaining cast: Nicole DuPort, Rider Strong, Michael Kelly, Alexandra Barreto, Robert Carradine, Emily Catherine Young, Kevin E. Scott, Zack Robidas, Beverly Hynds, Jeffrey D. Erb, Rachel Miner, Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones, Patrick Durham, Jonathan Sachar
plot summary: A group of people in a post-apocalyptic world fight to survive against a band of vicious cannibals.
company: Lions Gate Films Home Entertainment