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Mothers.Day.2010.FESTiVAL.DVDRip.XviD-EXViD (2010)

imdb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1434435
genre: Horror, Thriller
director: Darren Lynn Bousman
title: Mother's Day (2010)
main cast: Rebecca De Mornay, Jaime King, Shawn Ashmore
remaining cast: Rebecca De Mornay, Jaime King, Patrick John Flueger, Warren Kole, Deborah Ann Woll, Briana Evigan, Shawn Ashmore, Frank Grillo, Lisa Marcos, "Matt OLeary", Lyriq Bent, Tony Nappo, Kandyse McClure, Jessie Rusu, Jason Wishnowski
plot summary: The sadistic members of a villainous family return to their childhood home to terrorize the new home owners and their guests.
company: Anchor Bay Films