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English title: Inga

Genres: Drama, Romance

Director: Joseph W. Sarno

Actors: Marie Liljedahl, Monica Strömmerstedt, Thomas Ungewitter, Anne-Lise Myhrvold, Casten Lassen, Else-Marie Brandt, Sissi Kaiser, Rose-Marie Nilsson, Curt Ericson, Lennart Norbäck, Lotta Persson, Anders Beling, Annabel Reis, Ulf Rönnquist, Kitty Kurkinen, Joseph W. Sarno, Joseph W. Sarno

Plot: Inga, a 17 year-old, is sent to live with a scheming aunt who wants her to become mistress of her rich neighbour. She falls for a common young man instead.

Country: Sweden

Language: Swedish

FLM Actress: Marie Liljedahl
iMDB: tt0061833