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Den Åttonde dagen |


English title: The Eighth Day

Genres: Family, Drama

Director: Anders Grönros

Actors: Susanna Rådö, Benny Fehér, Sten Johan Hedman, Mimmo Wåhlander, Lars Amble, Tintin Anderzon, Per Lönnström, Nina Säbom, Bo-Patric Gusterman, Susanne Frankzén, Anders Grönros, Anders Grönros, Rose Lagercrantz

Plot: Children as real human individuals with the difficulties this involves. Anna and Peiter are 11 years old. Peiter's parents are divorced. Only for one week a year does he live with his father, on the same island as Anna. The children

Country: Sweden

Language: Swedish

FLM Actress: Tintin Anderzon, Susanna Rådö
iMDB: tt0080185