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Girls |


English title: Girls

Genres: Drama

Director: Just Jaeckin

Actors: Anne Parillaud, Zoé Chauveau, Charlotte Walior, Isabelle Mejias, Christophe Bourseiller, George Bürki, Philippe Klébert, Ludwig Abrahami, Jean Dalmain, Gérard Loussine, Louise Marleau, Jacques Houssou, Léo Ilial, Paul Blain, Yves Knapp, Etienne Chicot, László Szabó, Michael Aufhaeuser, Just Jaeckin, Just Jaeckin, Jean-Luc Voulfow, Géza von Radványi

Plot: Three girls: Susanne, Annie and Catherine, just have finished high school and meet every night to have a good time in discos and bars with frequently changing boyfriends. Susanne's younger sister Betty often joins them and copies the

Country: Canada

Language: French

FLM Actress:
iMDB: tt0080793