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Trollsommar |


English title: Trollsommar

Genres: Drama, Family, Fantasy

Director: Hans Dahlberg

Actors: Teddy Rhodin, Marrit Ohlsson, Stefan Wånggren, Birger Åsander, Sif Ruud, Tommy Johnson, Berit Persson, Lena Lindgren, Rolf Larsson, Isabella Grybe, Ruben Lundberg, Jonny Gäfvert, Helena Hansson, Wille Erik Toors, Kalle Almlöw, Thore Härdelin, Kaj Nuora, Susanne Hallvares, Hans Dahlberg, Björn Holm

Plot: Three city kids are taken somewhat reluctantly to a farm out in the forests of Sweden. There they meet the resident country kids who's rosy cheeks and youthful antics mirror the apathy and cynicism of the children grown up in the cal

Country: Sweden

Language: Swedish

FLM Actress: Isabella Grybe
iMDB: tt0081659