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Hud |


English title: Hud

Genres: Crime, Drama

Director: Vibeke Løkkeberg

Actors: Vibeke Løkkeberg, Keve Hjelm, Terence Stamp, Elisabeth Granneman, Frank Audun Kvamtrø, Per Jansen, Tonje Kleivdal Kristiansen, Per Oscarsson, Thale Svenneby, Jan Andersen, Rolf Berntzen, Nicholas Grace, Arild Haaland, Gjert Haga, Patricia Hodge, Olaf Jacobsen, Hans Lindgren, Olga Marie Mikalsen, Vibeke Løkkeberg, Terje Kristiansen, Vibeke Løkkeberg

Plot: In a rural western town in 1890 a woman has a mute old daughter after relations with her step father, which in his need of money, wants to sell them off to a rich skin tradesman. While resisting this, the woman turns lame.

Country: Norway

Language: Norwegian

FLM Actress: Thale Svenneby
iMDB: tt0091230