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Papa est parti, maman aussi |


English title: Papa est parti, maman aussi

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Director: Christine Lipinska

Actors: Sophie Aubry, Jérôme Kircher, Benoît Magimel, Anaïs Subra, Nicolas Neuhuys, Marie Rivière, Stéphane Bouy, Marianne Epin, Jean Bollery, Brigitte Winstel, Maïté Maillé, Roland Tolmatchoff, Mehdy Sebty, Ghyslaine Lipinsky, Frédéric Thanh N'Guyen, Michael Belissa, Jacqueline Salaün, Christine Lipinska, Rémo Forlani, Christine Lipinska

Plot: A coming-of-age film: When Laurette's parents disappear following a row, Laurette assumes responsibility for the family. The initial fiesta of children alone gives way to abandonment and the pressures of responsibility.

Country: France

Language: French

FLM Actress: Anaïs Subra, Sophie Aubry
iMDB: tt0098059