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Lad isbjørnene danse |


English title: Dance of the Polar Bears

Genres: Drama, Family

Director: Birger Larsen

Actors: Anders Schoubye, Tommy Kenter, Birthe Neumann, Paul Hüttel, Laura Drasbæk, Hakim Bellmann Jacobsen, Kristine Horn, Stig Hoffmeyer, Henrik Larsen, Erik Hansen, Gerda Gilboe, Astrid Villaume, Susanne Heinrich, Ralf S. Johansen, Michael Moritzen, Vibeke Hastrup, Michael Mansdotter, Jarl Forsmann, Birger Larsen, Jonas Cornell, Birger Larsen, Ulf Stark

Plot: Lasse is 12 years old and not the most eager schoolboy. In fact, he's a bit of a mess. This is abruptly changed when his mother leaves Lasse's father and moves in with a wealthy dentist. But even though Lasse soon becomes virtuous an

Country: Denmark

Language: Danish

FLM Actress: Laura Drasbæk
iMDB: tt0099966