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Sanning eller konsekvens |


English title: Sanning eller konsekvens

Genres: Family, Drama

Director: Christina Olofson

Actors: Tove Edfeldt, Anna Gabrielsson, Alexandra Dahlström, Emelina Lindberg-Filippoupoullou, Ellen Swedenmark, Katja Steinholtz Skog, Totte Steneby, Fredrik Ådén, Bobo Steneby, Erik Johansson, Carina Lidbom, Suzanne Reuter, Lena-Pia Bernhardsson, Jonas Falk, Maria Grip, Göran Forsmark, Lasse Lindroth, Lena B. Eriksson, Christina Olofson, Christina Olofson, Annika Thor

Plot: Summer holiday is over. Nora begins sixth grade and is drawn to intrigues and doesn't really know what side she's on. Or wants to be on. On one hand she feels sorry for the bullied Karin, one the other hand she wants to be friends...

Country: Sweden

Language: Swedish

FLM Actress: Tove Edfeldt, Alexandra Dahlström
iMDB: tt0120061