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Vårnatt |


English title: Vårnatt

Genres: Drama

Director: Erik Solbakken

Actors: Espen Skjønberg, Astrid Folstad, Svein Scharffenberg, Bentein Baardson, Anders Mordal, Inger Marie Andersen, Wilfred Breistrand, Bente Børsum, Maryon Eilertsen, Veslemøy Haslund, Tania Kjeldset, Kirsti Kolstad, Arne Lie, Svein Moen, Kjell Stormoen, Erik Solbakken, Tarjei Vesaas

Plot: Hallstein and Sissel live with their parents on a small farm. That spring night they will be alone at home for the first time while their parents are in a funeral in another village. But when they are about to eat supper, there is...

Country: Norway

Language: Norwegian

FLM Actress: none
iMDB: tt0178091