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Le surdoué |


English title: Le surdoué

Genres: Comedy

Director: Alain Bonnot

Actors: Charlotte de Turckheim, Yves Rénier, Anthony Decadi, Christian Barbier, Sylvie Joly, Veronica Dimos, Léa François, Cyrille Bonnet, Maïté Nahyr, Salem Zeramdini, Maurice Risch, Vincent Martin, Laura Martel, Maud Rayer, Hervé Jouval, Susanna Hofmann, Caroline Pietrucha, Pascal Perbet, Alain Bonnot, Guila Braoudé, Philippe Lopes-Curval

Plot: Twelve year-old Vincent is not a child quite like the others: he has an IQ significantly higher than the average. Solitary, he spends a lot of time to reflect. Its exceptional power of analysis enables him to understand at once those

Country: France

Language: French

FLM Actress: Laura Martel
iMDB: tt0183841