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Growing Up Brady |


English title: Growing Up Brady

Genres: Biography, Drama

Director: Richard A. Colla

Actors: Adam Brody, Kaley Cuoco, Rebeccah Bush, Kaitlin Cullum, Raviv Ullman, Carly Schroeder, Scott Lookinland, Suanne Spoke, Mark Kassen, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Michael Tucker, Barry Williams, Sherwood Schwartz, Michael Fetters, Eddie Allen, Gary Morgan, Alan Woolf, Adam Kassen, Richard A. Colla, Barry Williams, Chris Kreski, Matt Dorff

Plot: A tell-all story of what happened behind the scenes of the hit TV series, The Brady Bunch (1969). It is based on the book written by Barry Williams, the actor who played Greg Brady.

Country: United States

Language: English

FLM Actress: Kaley Cuoco
iMDB: tt0228351