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The Favourite Game |


English title: The Favourite Game

Genres: Drama

Director: Bernar Hébert

Actors: JR Bourne, Michèle-Barbara Pelletier, Cary Lawrence, Sabine Karsenti, Daniel Brochu, Vikki Walker, Catlin Foster, Ashley Lang, Wyatt Bowen, Bronwen Mantel, Robert Brewster, Sean Pichette, Elena Gautcheff, Roxane Roy, Eric Perreault, Martin Stone, Hubert Le Messurier, Glenn Astles, Bernar Hébert, Leonard Cohen, Peter Putka

Plot: To live in the Here and Now, and write poems, that is what Leo wants - unlike the women who fall in love with him.

Country: Canada

Language: English

FLM Actress: Ashley Lang
iMDB: tt0299868