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Fausto 5.0 |


English title: Fausto 5.0

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Director: Àlex Ollé,Isidro Ortiz,Carlus Padrissa

Actors: Miguel Ángel Solá, Eduard Fernández, Najwa Nimri, Rakel González-Huedo, Juan Fernández, Irene Montalà, Carme Contreras, Cristina Piaget, Pep Molina, Keke Creixems, Leonel Valdés, Pep Jové, Morgan Searcy, Josep Maria Ullod, Motokazu Kawamura, Xavier Soler, Santi Pons, Carles Fígols, Àlex Ollé, Isidro Ortiz, Carlus Padrissa, Fernando León de Aranoa

Plot: On his way to a medical convention, Dr Fausto runs into a man who claims the Doctor removed his stomach eight years ago in a surgical operation. Against all odds, he is still alive. The man turns up repeatedly and promises Fausto ...

Country: Spain

Language: Catalan

FLM Actress: Raquel González
iMDB: tt0299873