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Badhuset |


English title: Badhuset

Genres: Short, Drama, Mystery

Director: Marcelo V. Racana

Actors: David Blom, Sara Alström, Maria von Bredow, Anna von Bredow, Johan H:son Kjellgren, Lena Nilsson, Anne Lindberg, Jan Abramson, Thomas Roos, Cecilia Drott, Marcelo V. Racana, Carina Hedenberg, Johan Hedenberg, P.C. Jersild

Plot: Set in the WWII era, the story tells of a boy in a small village who befriends three girls around his age. One day he discovers a young couple sneaking into an old and cracked bathing shack and decides to alert his new friends. When

Country: Sweden

Language: Swedish

FLM Actress: Sara Alström, Maria von Bredow, Anna von Bredow
iMDB: tt0820034