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Daniel fait face |


English title: Daniel

Genres: Drama

Director: Marine Atlan

Actors: Théo Polgar, Madeleine Folacci, Tristan Bernard, Adam Bouchaali, Mila Brument, Charles Capelli, Rose Clause, Clément Daniel-Dufetrelle, Hadrien Fraignaud, André Galand, Liam Kojfer-Lomont, Marie Lassort, Michaëlle Lhuillier-Sion, Louise Maillot, Chiara Nora-Dreyfus, Alma Polgár, Aurélien Gabrielli, Emmanuelle Cuau, Marine Atlan, Marine Atlan, Anne Brouillet

Plot: Strange things are happening at a school in France, something unknown is approaching, something enchanting and dangerous. In a dream-like timelessness, children dance the tango and recite poems. All at once, Daniel is alone with Mart

Country: France

Language: French

FLM Actress: Madeleine Folacci
iMDB: tt8667266