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Bulletproof.Monk.DVDRiP.XViD-DEiTY (2003)

imdb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0245803
genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy
director: Paul Hunter
title: Bulletproof MonkĀ (2003)
main cast: Yun-Fat Chow, Seann William Scott, Jaime King
remaining cast: Yun-Fat Chow, Seann William Scott, Jaime King, Karel Roden, Victoria Smurfit, Marcus Jean Pirae, Mako, Roger Yuan, K.C. Collins, Sean Bell, Kishaya Dudley, Rob Archer, Mauricio Rodas, Bayo Akinfemi, Russell Yuen
plot summary: Based on the very underground comic book, a Tibetan monk becomes a mentor to a young street kid whom he can teach to protect a scroll.
company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
company: MGM Home Entertainment