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Elektra.DVDRip.XViD-ALLiANCE (2005)

imdb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0357277
genre: Action, Crime, Fantasy
director: Rob Bowman
title: Elektra (2005)
main cast: Jennifer Garner, Goran Visnjic, Will Yun Lee
remaining cast: Jennifer Garner, Goran Visnjic, Kirsten Prout, Will Yun Lee, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Terence Stamp, Natassia Malthe, Bob Sapp, Chris Ackerman, Edson T. Ribeiro, Colin Cunningham, Hiro Kanagawa, Mark Houghton, Laura Ward, Kurt Max Runte
plot summary: Elektra the warrior survives a near-death experience, becomes an assassin-for-hire, and tries to protect her two latest targets, a single father and his young daughter, from a group of supernatural assassins.
company: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
company: New Regency Pictures
company: Twentieth Century Fox