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Home.Invasion.2016.DVDRip.x264-BiPOLAR (2016)

imdb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5351000
genre: Thriller
director: David Tennant
title: Home Invasion (2016)
main cast: Jason Patric, Scott Adkins, Natasha Henstridge
remaining cast: Jason Patric, Scott Adkins, Natasha Henstridge, William Dickinson, Kyra Zagorsky, Michael Rogers, Christian Tessier, Brenda Crichlow, Leanne Lapp, Johannah Newmarch, Garry Chalk, Wesley Salter, Peter Cluffa, Lee Tichon, Gabe Khouth
plot summary: Terror arrives at the one place we all feel safest in this taut psychological thriller starring Natasha Henstridge. When a wealthy woman and her stepson are targeted by a trio of expert ... See full summary »
company: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment