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In.Secret.2013.LIMITED.DVDRip.x264-GECKOS (2013)

imdb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0409379
genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
director: Charlie Stratton
title: In Secret (2013)
main cast: Elizabeth Olsen, Tom Felton, Jessica Lange
remaining cast: Elizabeth Olsen, Oscar Isaac, Tom Felton, Jessica Lange, Shirley Henderson, Matt Lucas, Mackenzie Crook, John Kavanagh, Lily Laight, Matt Devere, Dimitrije Bogdanov, Aleksandr Ivanovic, Filip Dedakin, Richard Sharkey, Miodrag Milovanov
plot summary: Set in the lower echelons of 1860s Paris, Therese Raquin, a sexually repressed beautiful young woman, is trapped into a loveless marriage to her sickly cousin, Camille, by her domineering ... See full summary »
company: Columbia Pictures
company: LD Entertainment
company: Lionsgate Home Entertainment