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Shark.Night.BDRip.XviD-DEFACED (2011)

imdb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1633356
genre: Horror, Thriller
director: David R. Ellis
title: Shark Night 3D (2011)
main cast: Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan, Chris Carmack
remaining cast: Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan, Chris Carmack, Katharine McPhee, Joel David Moore, Donal Logue, Joshua Leonard, Sinqua Walls, Alyssa Diaz, Chris Zylka, Jimmy Lee Jr., Damon Lipari, Christine Bently, Kelly Sry, Tyler Bryan
plot summary: A weekend at a lake house in the Louisiana Gulf turns into a nightmare for seven vacationers as they are subjected to shark attacks.

BOX genre: Creature Feature
BOX genre: Man-Eater
BOX genre: Predator
BOX genre: Shark
BOX genre: Terror in the Water
BOX theaters: 2848 (Wide)
BOX distributor: Relativity Media

Pre date:: 2011-12-22 05:10:24

company: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
company: Relativity Media
company: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures