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The.Boy.2016.REAL.BDRip.x264-GECKOS (2016)

imdb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3882082
genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
director: William Brent Bell
title: The Boy (2016)
main cast: Lauren Cohan, Rupert Evans, James Russell
remaining cast: Lauren Cohan, Rupert Evans, James Russell, Jim Norton, Diana Hardcastle, Ben Robson, Jett Klyne, Lily Pater, Matthew Walker, Stephanie Lemelin
plot summary: An American nanny is shocked that her new English family's boy is actually a life-sized doll. After she violates a list of strict rules, disturbing events make her believe that the doll is really alive.
company: STX Entertainment
company: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (UPHE)
company: Showtime Networks