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2003-10-11 05:15:43+00:00 - ANGEL 5.02 - Just Rewards - (BTR1701 <BTR1702@ix.netcom.com>)

Just Rewards Story by David Fury Teleplay by David Fury Ben Edlund Directed by James A. Contner Episode 5.02 Original Airdate October 8, 2003 CAST Angel DAVID BOREANAZ Wesley Wyndam-Pryce ALEXIS DENISOF Charles Gunn J. AUGUST RICHARDS Winifred "Fred" Burkle AMY ACKER Spike JAMES MARSTERS Lorne ANDY HALLETT Harmony Kendall MERCEDES McNAB Buffy Summers SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR Magnus Hainsley VICTOR RAIDER-WEXLER Novac JOSHUA HUTCHINSON Grox���lar Demon BILL ESCUDIER Butler WILLIAM UTAY Prologue 1 TITLE CARD 1 Sunnydale, California The Hellmouth Nineteen Days Earlier FADE IN: 2 INT. THE HELLMOUTH 2 SPIKE stands pinned in the center of a glowing ring of orange light. The amulet around his neck suddenly flares into life, lit with the intensity of a million suns. Streams of pure solar energy radiate outward in a circle like beams from a lighthouse. The energy pulses sweep the cavern, destroying every Turok-han they touch. The vampire creatures scream in agony as they are cut down and annihilated by the hundreds, then by the thousands as the light extends down into the chasm. The Vampire Slayer, BUFFY SUMMERS, runs to Spike���s side as the cavern around them begins to shake and tremble. Chunks of rock and pointed stalactites tumble from the ceiling as the ground lurches beneath their feet. BUFFY Spike! SPIKE Go on, then. BUFFY (desperate) No! No, you���ve done enough! You could still��� SPIKE No, you���ve beaten them back. It���s for me to do the cleanup. Behind her, a vast section of the cavern ceiling collapses inward, millions of tons of rock crashing into the abyss. BUFFY Spike! SPIKE I mean it! I gotta do this. The light emanating from the amulet flares even brighter and Buffy reaches out and takes Spike���s hand in her own, entwining her fingers with his. They share one last look between them, two souls come together as one at last, then the ground heaves beneath their feet and chunks of stone slam down like bombs around them. SPIKE Now go! Buffy releases Spike���s hand and runs up through the Seal into the high school above. Spike trembles with the intensity of the energy pouring through him. He stares at the maelstrom of destruction in front of him and grins sardonically, the same old Spike to the last. SPIKE (to himself) I wannna see how it ends. He smiles wickedly as the magickal energy coursing through him reaches a fever pitch. His face begins to blacken in spots which rapidly join together as he���s consumed from within by the power of the sun. In seconds, he disintegrates into dust. The smile never leaves his face as he dies a hero. Dies a champion. Dies good. SMASH CUT TO: 3 INT. WOLFRAM & HART (PRESENT)��� ANGEL���S OFFICE��� DAY 3 Spike screams and looks around at FRED, GUNN, LORNE, WESLEY, and HARMONY. SPIKE What��� what? HARMONY What the hell are you doing here, Spike? WESLEY Harmony, please. GUNN This is Spike? The Spike? FRED Wait a minute. Who���s��� LORNE (to Spike) Easy, slim, easy. No one���s going to hurt you. GUNN Speak for yourself, green jeans. FRED Okay, would somebody please tell me who��� WESLEY (to Fred) William the Bloody. He���s a vampire. One of the worst recorded. Second only to��� ANGEL Me. Spike whirls around to find ANGEL standing behind him, looking none too pleased. ANGEL But you���re dead. HARMONY Well, yeah. Who here isn���t? She stops and looks at Gunn, Wesley and Fred. HARMONY Besides him and him and her and��� She cocks an eyebrow at Lorne. HARMONY What are you again? Spike snarls as his face shifts and the vampire in him comes to the surface. He lunges at Angel but stumbles as he passes right through Angel���s body. He staggers to a stop in the center of Angel���s desk, his legs passing right through the wood. Everyone stares at him in surprise. He looks down at himself protruding halfway through the furniture. SPIKE Bugger. Opening credit sequence. Act I 4 INT. WOLFRAM & HART��� ANGEL���S OFFICE��� DAY 4 Resume. Spike looks up angrily at Angel. SPIKE What��� what���s happened to me? HARMONY Well, I���m no doctor but I think you���re a ghost. SPIKE I���m no bloody ghost! HARMONY Hey, you���re the one sticking out of a desk, pal. And you can���t talk to me like that. We���re not going out anymore. GUNN Where���d he come from? Wesley looks down at the amulet on the floor and picks it up. WESLEY