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2003-11-07 07:16:02+00:00 - "Los Cuentos Fantasticos de los Hermanos Numeros" would be a fabulous TV series! - (Kevin Lee <kevinplee@yahoo.com>)

I thoroughly enjoyed "The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco". (The Ben Edlund touch was evident throughout---did Wesley actually say "nigh invulnerable" a la "The Tick"?) The flashbacks and set-ups were rich and detailed, almost as if this were a pilot episode. I would love to see a prequel on TV or a comic book featuring los Hermanos Numeros. Imagine the first episode. It is the evening of August 1, 1942. In this time of Zoot Suits and Hollywood glamor, the world is at war and the devil is wandering the Earth in physical form. On this night, the devil has come to Los Angeles to Sleepy Lagoon, a popular swimming hole with the locals. But five brothers, los Hermanos Numeros, rise up to defend good from evil. They battle the devil and banish him from our world (with the help of a mysterious Aztec talisman). But it is too late. The devil has claimed his victim. The next day, a body is discovered in the reservoir---leading to future grave repercussions for both the city of Los Angeles and los Hermanos Numeros. Meanwhile, the devil's work is not yet finished. Though exiled from this plane of existence, the devil has left behind an agent to carry out his plans... el Diablo Robotico. K.P.