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2003-07-17 18:20:37-07:00 - 5th Angel - Odd comments from the press tour - (gavalos@cctimes.com)

Charlie McCollum, TV critic of the of the S.J. Merc. News posted this Web log from the current TV press tour regarding 'Angel.' ***** I'll be saying this in print on Tuesday but as a fan of ""Angel,'' I'm just a little concerned about some of the comments made about the show's future during the WB session. There is no question the WB folk admire the series and certainly admire its creator, Joss Whedon. But it's almost as if they renewed the show and then had second thoughts about it. At least a couple of executives suggested that ""Fearless'' a new drama about an FBI agent born without the ability to feel fear would slide into ""Angel's'' slot on Wednesday night at mid-season. Then there was talk about how important it was to give 'Angel' a splendid finale. (Uh, oh.) ***** OTOH, supposedly production was halted on 'Fearless,' according to AICN. OTOH, McCollum did talk directly to WB suits. On Tuesday, McCollum wrote, in part... ***** I'm a fan of the WB's ``Buffy the Vampire'' spinoff ``Angel,'' and I found myself a bit nervous about what WB executives had to say -- often between the lines -- about that fine series. There were suggestions that ``Fearless'' might get dropped into ``Angel's'' spot at midseason, with ``Angel'' moving who knows where. There were intimations that this would be the last season, mostly in the form of expressions about how important it is to give the series a proper send-off. At least, the WB is giving ``Angel'' half a chance by scheduling it behind the hit ``Smallville'' on Wednesday nights at the start of the season. ***** -George

2003-07-18 02:08:59+00:00 - Re: 5th Angel - Odd comments from the press tour - (Chris Zabel <alephnull@earthlink.net>)

Seeing the way WB has handled Angel in the past, it's apparent that Angel is always on the edge of cancellation on a season by season basis. So far it has kept up this knife balancing act, but I'm sure WB expects bigger numbers from Angel since it will air after Smallville this year. I just hope that the writers know early on rather this will be Angel's last season or not. It might impact the plotlines negatively if they don't.