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2003-08-09 02:40:17+00:00 - To Jog Your Memory & Help You Vote--Season One SPOILERS(if you haven't seen) - (LunaLu <shadowland@this.time>)

This is from epguide.com I have no idea why some episodes are detailed and some are not. It seems like people are having trouble remembering episodes.. Hope this helps. The rest will come. One Season at a time. ==================== 101. City Of .10/05/99 Angel moves to L.A., unaware of his purpose in the City of Angels. There, he meets Doyle, his half-man, half-demon spiritual advisor, who gives him direction. Doyle leads Angel to Russell Winters, a rich and powerful vampire, preying on aspiring actresses. Winters sets his eyes on Cordelia. Angel saves Cordelia, confronts Winters at his lawyer's office, Wolfram & Hart, and does some major re-vamping there. This is the first of many confrontations Angel will have with Wolfram & Hart. 102. Lonely Hearts 10/12/99 Doyle receives a new vision that sends the group to the club scene. They soon learn they are looking for a serial killer who seeks his prey from D'Oblique, a chi-chi singles bar. While perusing the crowd, Angel meets Kate, an LA police detective and D'Oblique regular. Though they initially bond, Angel is preoccupied by his mission and devotes his efforts to pursuing the killer. After a violent confrontation, Angel discovers the suspect is a demon parasite. Doyle and Cordelia bond as they learn more about the identity and behaviors of the demon and Kate and Angel soon work together to catch the killer. 103. In The Dark 10/19/99 Oz pays a visit to Angel and gives him the Gem of Amarra, the vampire's holy grail that grants eternal protection. Doyle wants Angel to wear it with pride, but Angel opts to play it safe and hides it in the underground tunnels. He is soon kidnapped by Spike and tortured by a child-eating vampire named Marcus. While Angel is enduring the torture, Cordelia and Doyle locate the gem in the tunnels and quickly conspire Angel's rescue. The rescue goes almost according to plan, but in the scuffle, Marcus manages to obtain the gem and heads for the beach. The group follows him and Angel battles with him to the death. Deciding that no vampire deserves to see the light of day, Angel destroys the gem. 104. I Fall To Pieces As Cordelia and Angel continue the debate of whether or not to charge for their services, Doyle receives a vision of yet another woman in distress. Angel pays a visit to her workplace and learns that the woman is being terrorized by her neurosurgeon who is somehow mysteriously able to watch her every move. After some detective work, Angel and Cordelia discover that the doctor is able to disconnect appendages from his body and prey on his victims. But when the doctor pays a visit to Angel's apartment, Angel separates him - permanently. Grateful for the protection, the young woman pays the agency for its service, and a very joyous Cordy and Doyle go out to celebrate. 105. Room With/A Vu Cordelia Chase lives in the projects, and she's not happy about it. When she returns one evening to her roach-infested digs, she decides that desperate times calls for desperate measures and moves into Angel's apartment. Angel, unthrilled by his new roommate situation, makes a pact with Doyle: if Doyle can find Cordelia new digs, Angel will help him out with his debt negotiations. Doyle holds up his end of the bargain and finds a stunningly beautiful one-bedroom apartment. At first, Cordy's on top of the world, but she soon gets the willies. Drawers open and close, furniture moves, and the wind blows to and fro. After some research, Angel learns that the apartment was owned by a woman who mysteriously died in the 1950s. Even more compelling is the number of single-woman suicides that have occurred in the apartment since her occupation. He and Doyle figure out that there is a ghost that is somehow murdering the women. While Angel is away doing research, Cordelia is lured back to the apartment and is confronted by the apparition. At first she is overwhelmed, but she later gathers her moxie and sends the ghost back to her rightful place. 106. Sense & Sensitivity Kate, hardened by years of police work, enrolls in sensitivity training with her fellow police officers. At first the training appears to be innocuous, but Angel and others begin to notice her excessive emotions. It becomes especially obvious when she pours her heart out at her father's retirement party. Then, the entire police station goes awry. Angel and Doyle figure out that Kate is in danger because of a recent arrest, and make the connection that the sensitivity teacher is responsible. But after a brief encounter with the teacher, it's Angel who's the new nice guy on the block. At first, Cordelia and Doyle can't deal with the pleasantries, but Angel soon manages to pull himself together and seals the fates of the evil hitmen! 107. Bachelor Party Just as Doyle is inches away from finally making a connection with Cordy, his estranged wife shows up at Angel Investigations begging for a divorce so she can marry the new love of her life. After the initial shock of it all, Doyle agrees to consent to the divorce. Meanwhile, Angel discovers that the fiancee comes from a long line of pacifist demons, but this doesn't seem to rock anyone's boat. After Doyle consents to the divorce, the fiancee invites Doyle to join his bachelor party. Unbeknownst to Doyle, the fiancee's family has a ritual to fulfill: the fiancee needs to eat Doyle's brain in order to have a successful marriage. As the party proceedings begin, Angel gets suspicious and wanders upstairs. There he discovers these demons may not be as pacifist as they seem. He is ejected from the restaurant by the family. Downstairs, Doyle is about to be eaten with a shrimp-fork, but Angel and Cordy and the fiance arrive on the scene and come to the rescue. 108. I Will Remember You When Angel tells Cordy and Doyle that he did not contact Buffy during his visit to Sunnydale, Buffy pays a visit and expresses her displeasure. Sparks fly. As they are about to part their separate ways, a medieval demon charges into Angel's office and a violent brawl ensues. The demon escapes, and Buffy and Angel decide to pursue it separately. When Angel makes contact and kills him, he observes that he has human characteristics. The Powers that Be confirm that Angel is indeed human again. Angel pursues Buffy and they share a passionate night of romance. But the next day, they are confronted by a stronger version of the medieval demon, and Angel is unable to fight in his human form. After hearing that Buffy would perish if he were to remain human, he begs the Powers That Be to transform him into a vampire so that he can protect her. They do so, and Angel breaks the news to a heartbroken Buffy. However, their blessed reunion will remain only in Angel's memory. 109. Hero Angel tells Doyle of his human experience, and meeting the Powers that Be, but Doyle doesn't have much time to react because work beckons. They soon find a group of half-breed demons and learn the demon racist group, The Scourge, are in town and out for blood. They conspire to rescue the half-demons: Angel goes undercover for the Scourge, and Cordelia and Doyle arrange the half-demons' safe passage to an island. When one of the half demons runs away, Doyle follows him and this delays the departure. While Doyle is away, Cordelia learns of his true identity. Meanwhile, on the inside, Angel learns the strategy to eliminate the half-demon breed population: The Scourge have built a machine whose rays can wipe out any human within a 1/4 mile radius. Angel soon escapes the Scourge and goes to the ship to warn Doyle and Cordelia. He is followed by the soldiers, who place the deadly machine on the ship. With the lives of dozens in jeopardy, Angel and Doyle realize that one of them will have to die in order to disconnect the beams. Though Angel protests, Doyle decides to make the sacrifice. He engages Cordelia in a passionate embrace, then meets the machine. He successfully disconnects it, then dies. 110. Parting Gifts Angel pays a visit to the PTB (Powers That Be) and begs them to return Doyle. They refuse and when he protests that he no longer has access to the visions, they reply that when a door closes, another one opens. Meanwhile, a schwarmy telepathic demon named Barney approaches Angel Investigations for help, claiming that he is being followed by a demon-assassin. Later that day, Cordelia is in the middle of an audition, and receives a vision. She soon realizes there was more to Doyle's kiss than she originally thought. Assuming that she can be rid of the visions by kissing someone else, she kisses Angel, and the new client. After a brief interview with Barney, Angel visits his apartment to see if he can learn anything. While he is there, he encounters Wesley, a watcher he had briefly known in Sunnydale. Wesley was kicked out of the Watcher's Council and is now a rogue-demon hunter in hot pursuit of a dangerous and powerful demon. They soon discover that the demon that was most recently attacked by the killer is of Asian origin. Angel heads over to Koreatown to get more information and Wesley later joins him. After speaking to the dying demon, they deduce that Barney is involved, and Cordelia is is in danger. Meanwhile, Barney kidnaps Cordelia and bids her visionary powers at an auction. When the deal goes to the highest bidder, Cordelia's fate is to have her eyes gouged out. Moments before the first incision, Angel and Wesley rush in and save the day. The next morning, Angel invites Wesley for breakfast. Is Wesley here to stay? 111. Somnambulist A girl is murdered by a vampire during the early morning hours. Later that day, Wesley notices an article about the murder in the newspaper and leaves immediately. Angel pays a visit to Kate about some other business, but while he is there, he observes the crime scene photos on her desk. He recognizes the modus operandi, and immediately realizes that there is a connection between his recent nightmares and the murders. Meanwhile, Wesley returns to Angel Investigations and clues Cordelia in on the situation at hand. He tells her in the past, Angelus marked his victims' left cheek with a cross. That night, Angel has a dream. He realizes that Penn, someone he sired, is responsible for the current murders. That afternoon, Angel brings a drawing of Penn to Kate and instructs her to stake out an area. Later that day, Penn strikes, but before he can complete the kill, the police arrive. Penn escapes in a nearby abandoned building. Kate comes in after him and soon finds Angel at the scene. He dons his vampire face and the two begin to fight. After learning Angel's true identity, Kate initially freaks out, but then hits the library to learn more about vampires. She discovers that Penn struck two times in LA earlier that century, in 1928 and 1963. Wesley and Angel figure out where he resides and pay a visit to his apartment. Meanwhile, Penn pays a surprise visit to the police department. Angel catches wind of the situation climbs down into the tunnels and gets into a big brawl with Penn. However, it's Kate who saves the day when she locates a wood scrap and stakes Angel and Penn. Due to her great aim, only Penn is dusted. 112. Expecting Cordelia prepares for a night on the town with William Christopher, a prominent LA photographer, but right before her friends whisk her away to meet him, she receives a vision and gives the information to Angel. Angel and Wesley check out the address and slay a demon spawn. At the club, Cordelia chats it up with William and invites him to spend the night. The next morning, she realizes she's expecting! Angel and Wesley pay a visit to her apartment and observe her pregnant state. They try to contact Wilson but are unable to reach him. They form a plan: Angel will track down Cordelia's friend Serena, while Wesley will take Cordelia to the doctor. When the doctor observes she is carrying 7 babies, the panic sets in. Meanwhile, Angel meets with Serena and discovers she's pregnant as well. She clues him to Wilson and his cronies' hangout: a local gun club. Meanwhile, Cordelia and Wesley return to Angel's pad and Wesley observes her new attitude towards her spawn. She is suddenly very attached to them. Wesley deduces she is under some kind of telepathy. After a brief reconnaissance, Angel heads for the gun club, and Wesley researches and identifies the demon species. Cordelia, now fully under the influence, escapes from the apartment and heads to a local industrial park to prepare for the birth. Meanwhile, William fesses all after a brutal thrashing from Angel in vamp form. Wesley heads over to the industrial park and challenges the demon to a duel to the death. Angel enters the scene and brings a giant canister of liquid nitrogen as an offering. They freeze the demon and Cordelia, no longer pregnant and under the influence of the telepathy, destroys it. 113. She Cordelia throws a happenin' soiree. While Wesley attempts to mingle, Angel spends most of the time brooding in the kitchen. The next morning, Angel officially hires Wesley, and Cordelia receives a vision of a murder in an ice factory. Angel locates the corpse and encounters a demon named Tay, who tells him his mission is to stop the bringer of chaos. Angel tells his findings to Wesley and Cordelia, and they get right into the research. That night, Angel pays a visit to the corpse's office and encounters a female demon. She sends him a powerful jolt then leaves. Angel recovering quickly, jumps into his car and follows her to a museum. There, he discovers the demon is attempting to help other females escape their homeland via a portal in the museum. Back at A.I., Wesley discovers Tay is a Vigorie, a herbivore species from Oden Tal that enslaves its female members of the race. Back at the museum, the rescue is a bust after Tay and his cronies burst in. Angel and the demon (who soon introduces herself as Jheira) manage to get rid of them, but not before they take the runaway captive. They unmake her by removing her 'ko.' Jhiera later explains to Angel that the ko is located in the spine and controls a female's physical and sexual power. Meanwhile, Cordelia and Wesley pay a visit to the California Flower Mart to spy on the Vigories. They discover the demons know of Jheira's whereabouts and report back to Angel. We soon learn the other female runaways are at a spa called Palm Ridge. Angel figures out the location, and together they high-tail it to the mansion to warn Jheira. After assisting the escape of the women, Wesley and Cordelia are trapped by the Vigories. Jheira abandons them, but they manage to fight on their own. Jheira pays one final visit and Angel warns her not to hurt any more civilians. 114. I've Got You Under My Skin Angel accidently calls Wesley 'Doyle' while he is arguing with Cordy, who has just made inedible brownies. We later learn Angel feels pangs of guilt over Doyle's untimely death. Suddenly, Cordelia receives a vision about a young family. When Angel and Wesley visit the residence, they notice a boy sleepwalking in the street. Angel saves the boy, named Ryan, from an oncoming car. When Angel goes inside the house to get cleaned up, Wesley takes a look around and deduces one of the members of the family is possessed by a demon. Meanwhile, to show their undying gratitude for Angel's bravery, the family invites him over for dinner the following evening. Wesley informs Angel about the demon presence and the next day, they create a brownie recipe that will reveal the demon's presence. During desert, Ryan puts on a demon face and Angel brings the family AI to exorcize it. While Cordy stays with the family, Wesley and Angel go to the local church to find the priest to exorcize the demon, but they soon learn from the nun that the priest died six months earlier. Wesley decides he will perform the exorcism and begins the ritual. The strength of the Ethros demon is such that he will most likely kill whomever is performing the exorcism because of its need to inhabit another body, so Cordelia travels into town to purchase a box to contain it. However, the box is too small, and the Ethros demon escapes after its expulsion. Angel and Wesley track him and kill him, but not before learning Ryan was evil before the demon ever entered his soul. They go to the house and rescue Stephanie, Ryan's sister, from a fire he had started. Ryan is taken into police and social services custody, and the family thanks Angel for his work. 115. The Prodigal Angel has a memory of an altercation between him and his father in 1753, but his mind quickly returns to the present when he kills a demon who escaped from a moving subway train. When Kate enters on the scene, he tells her to cover up the truth to her fellow officers. Though she is disturbed by the demon factor, she becomes distracted after seeing her father enter the station. Later that morning, Wesley identifies the deceased demon as a Kwaini species and remarks it is atypical for this type of demon to be violent. They deduce the demon had an incentive to attack one of the passengers. Angel then tries to obtain a list of passengers from Kate, but she's unwilling to give it to him. Despite this, he manages to locate the passenger in question and follows him on one of his deliveries: to Mr. Lockley's apartment. When Angel confronts Mr. Lockley, he denies any involvement. Angel, reminded of his painful past with his father, has another memory from his past: he meets Darla and is sired. Back at A.I., Wesley conducts some tests and discovers the Kwaini demon was addicted to a substance similar to street PCP. Angel deduces that Kate's father is somehow involved with the drug trafficking. He then has another memory, this time of his own funeral, his first meeting with Darla as a vampire, and his first kill. That afternoon, Kate approaches Angel, gives him a list of the passengers and tells him she wants to be involved with the case. She changed her mind after having a conversation with her father. Suddenly, two Kwaini demons attack Wesley and Cordelia, seeking more of the drug. While this is happening, the drug traffickers pay a visit to Mr. Lockley. Meanwhile, Angel has another memory of killing his entire family. Angel tries to save Mr. Lockley from the traffickers but can't enter his apartment because he was not invited. Standing by the door entrance, he watches the vampires kill Mr. Lockley. After his death, Angel enters in and kills one of them. Kate arrives and is devastated by the death. She obtains the address of the traffickers and manages to slay one of the killers. As the rest of the gang prepares for attack, Angel bursts in and slays the lot of them. He has one final memory from his past: Darla informs her that he will carry the painful memories of his father for a lifetime. 116. The Ring As Wesley and Cordelia exchange banter, Angel is paid a visit by a strange man, claiming his brother Jack was kidnapped by demons affiliated with a bookie. While Cordy and Wesley consult their demon database, Angel pays a visit to the bookie. The bookie refers him to a place in beechwood canyon. Angel goes to the canyon and gets information from the bookie, then begins investigating an underground fight club. We later learn the man who pays a visit to Angel, is the organizer of the fight club, and Wolfram and Hart is a major sponsor. Angel soon discovers he was set up in a trap. He is expected to fight other slave demons to the death. The next morning, after Cordelia and Wesley get suspicious about Angel's whereabouts, Wesley pays a visit to the bookie and obtains the address of the fight club. That night, Angel kills a demon, but his heart isn't into the battle. Wesley and Cordelia spot him in the ring, and Wesley explains the meaning behind the slave bracelets which Angel and the other demons are wearing. They rush back to AI to find a way to open the bracelets. Meanwhile, Jack pays a visit to Angel and tells him of his disappointment in his fighting and Angel threatens to kill him unless the slaves are set free. His brother decides to kill Jack, rather than agree to Angel's terms. Angel is knocked out, and later wakes up in the offices of Wolfram and Hart. When he finds out the associate from W&H has ulterior motives, he returns to the fight club and learns his next opponent is Trepkos, the toughest demon in the lot. The next morning, Wesley and Cordelia successfully make a key to unlock the bracelets. That evening, Angel begins to fight Trepkos. The battle is brutal. Cordelia and Wesley break into the slave area with the special key, but it falls into the hands of one of the demons. While Angel and Trepkos continue to fight, the demons set themselves free. After Angel has the opportunity to kill Trepkos, but doesn't take it, Trepkos walks away. The demons burst in and a giant battle ensues. One of the demons slips a bracelet onto the fight's organizer, Trepkos throws him into the air,and he promptly disintegrates. The demons are set free. 117. Eternity Wesley and Angel endure a painful experience: attending Cordelia's first stage appearance. As they stretch the truth to spare potential hurt feelings, Cordelia spots Oliver Simon, a top talent agent, and one of his clients, Rebecca Lowell, a former soap opera star, leaving a paparazzi-filled event. While Cordelia lists the many accomplishments of Rebecca Lowell, Angel notices Rebecca is in apparent danger and rescues her from an ongoing car. The next day, Rebecca pays a visit to AI and tells Angel she is being stalked by a celebrity fan. She asks Angel for his help, but he turns down the case. Wesley deduces Angel has feelings for Rebecca and has rejected the case to prevent himself from obtaining the true happiness that would unlease his evil vampire within. Cordelia is beside herself with disappointment, after all, this Rebecca woman could be a serious networking opportunity! Later that evening, Rebecca has a gathering. As she ascends the stairs she hears noises. Angel bursts in and chases out the stalker. When Rebecca glances into the mirror, she notices Angel does not have a reflection. She asks him about this, and he tells her the truth. The next day, Rebecca asks Angel to attend a premiere with her. After they make their grand entrance, they enter a secret alleyway and encounter Rebecca's stalker. Angel manages to drag him down. When Rebecca realizes the stalker is a stuntman and former client of Oliver's, she confronts him. When Oliver mentions no one stays young forever, Rebecca glances at Angel and gets an idea. The next day, she and Cordelia go shopping and Rebecca pumps her for information. That night, she comes over in a sexy number and gives Angel a bottle of champagne to thank him for his valiant efforts. She slips a drug into his drink and moments later, tells him she wants to become a vampire. The drugs begin to affect Angel's judgment, and moments later, the persona of Angelus emerges. After an exchange of evil pleasantries, Cordelia and Wesley manage to knock him out and keep him contained until the drugs wear off. The next day Angel apologizes to Cordelia and Wesley for his behavior. 118. Five By Five Angel and Wesley catch, find and convert a prime witness that is involved in a case against Wolfram & Hart. Knowing that Angel is behind the reappearance of the witness that foiled a major case, W&H are ready for payback. Enter Faith. Seems she's had enough of Sunnydale and is searching for darker pastures. Not five minutes off the Greyhound and the rouge Slayer knocks out a lecherous man and takes his wallet and keys. With some cash and a place to stay, the sky's the limit. We're taken back to Romania, circa 1898, as Angel's past is revealed. We see the transformation of Angelus to Angel as his soul is restored by a gypsy. And we see the pain Angel first endures as he now feels the 140 or so years of killing and is now neither part of the vampire nor the human world. The evil folks at Wolfram & Hart find Faith and commence hiring her to do away with their nemesis, Angel. It's obviously no problem for her. She immediately attempts to shoot our hero in public with a crossbow, but Angel catches it mid-flight. Wesley warns Angel that Faith is not a demon but just a sick girl and there may be a chance to reach her still. Wesley changes his mind when Faith kidnaps and tortures him, nearly to death. Angel and Cordelia follow Faith's path of destruction and locate her new hide-out. Faith and Angel fight but as Faith begins to get stronger physically, declaring herself "evil," she appears to be losing it mentally. As they fight, they both go flying out the window to the alley below. Wesley cuts himself loose, picks up a knife and heads downstairs--ready to do whatever he has to, to save Angel. Faith continues to weaken mentally and as she and Angel brawl in the alley, she collapses into his arms, begging him to kill her. To be continued... 119. Sanctuary Buffy comes to Los Angeles seeking vengeance under the guise of protecting Angel from Faith's violent nature, but Buffy is shocked and hurt to discover her former love siding with her nemesis as he attempts to shelter her. Meanwhile, Wesley is faced with a crisis of loyalties when the Watcher's Council offers a chance at reinstatement if he gives up Faith. 120. War Zone Angel tracks down a nerdy millionaire's blackmailer, but gets caught in the middle of a gang war between street kids and vampires and meets the leader of the vampire hunters, Charles Gunn. Although Gunn is suspicious of Angel, he soon realizes Angel may be a valuable ally in the cleaning up of the City of Angels. 121. Blind Date Angel agrees to help legal but not so ethical whiz kid Lindsey McDonald crack the secret files of Wolfram & Hart to save a group of children from a demonic assassin. Said assassin also happens to be legally blind, quite the lethal weapon and on the Wolfram & Hart's payroll. Angel asks vampire hunter, Gunn to help him break into the Wolfram & Hart building and along with the assistance of Lindsey, our undead hero makes it in successfully even though the firm is full of traps. Along his journey through the law firm's secret vaults Angel finds himself attracted to an ancient scroll and he grabs it as he runs out the door. Little does Angel know, the scroll holds a prophecy about the "vampire with a soul". Ultimately, Lindsay isn't quite sure if he can stick by his decision to betray the firm and sabotage the deadly mission. In the end, he chooses to stay with the firm, getting himself a nice raise and a much bigger office. 122. To Shanshu In L.A. Wesley is searching for the translation of the Scrolls of Obearsain and the prophecy of the "vampire with a soul". He is finding the process difficult as the scrolls are over 4,000 years old and translated into a dozen languages. Unfortunately, when Wesley does realize what the pivotal word, "shanshu" means, he must tell Angel that the prophecy means the vampire with a soul will die. Angel greets this news with an uninterested shrug. Wesley and Cordy believe Angel's non-reaction is a result of not living, growing and changing as the rest of the world does. The gang discovers that Lindsey has been promoted to Jr. Partner at Wolfram and Hart. He made his choice to stay with the dark side. Meanwhile, the folks at W&H are conjuring up a demon who has come to separate Angel and the "Powers That Be." This of course, means separating Angel from his friends as well as the Oracles. The next day, as Cordy walks through a flea-market, the same demon brushes up against her. She's hit with a vision but it doesn't stop. Screaming in pain, she collapses on the ground. The evil demon also pays a visit to Angel's home where he plants a bomb and easily walks out with the scrolls. Seems he needs the scrolls himself for a surprise incantation that will further bring woe to our heroes. Wesley arrives just in time to see the bomb and hightail it around a brick wall that ultimately saves his life. While looking after Wesley in the hospital, Angel visits Cordelia and notices a symbol on her hand. Angel heads to the Oracles to find out what it means only to find them slain. Lucky for him the spirit of the female Oracle is able to tell Angel that the mark belongs to a warrior of the underworld named Vocah, as well as filling him in on how to save Cordy. Angel enlists his new friend Charles Gunn to watch over his injured friends while they are in the hospital. Meanwhile the team from W&H are in a mausoleum, surrounding a crate, and watching an incantation lead by Vocah. Angel attacks the demon but as the two brawl, Lindsey takes over with the ritual. Angel kills Vocah but the ritual is complete. Lindsey attempts to burn the ancient scroll but Angel slices off his hand before he gets the chance and rushes to save his friends. Back at Cordy's apartment, Wesley discovers the real meaning of "shanshu" is to live. Angel will eventually become human. And back at the basement of Wolfram & Hart, the crack team of lawyers gather around the crate. Holland tells Lindsey they will even the score with the very item that sits in the crate. Lilah welcomes the disheveled creature that turns out to be Darla.