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2004-05-26 14:39:49-07:00 - Not Fade Away Campaign - (jennifer@rdjfan.com)

Angel Fans Vow to Not Fade Away NOT FADE AWAY CAMPAIGN As Angel fades from The WB lineup, the Food Drive mounts it's final campaign. Although The WB obviously doesn't know a good thing when it has it in it's lineup, fans do. Let's keep the pressure on and show the studio suits how much ANGEL means to us. Let's ensure a future for the Angelverse. Wanting to go out with a bang, the Food Drive is planning to either pay for a truckload of food for The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank or pay freight on the truckload. The costs for freight run from $300-$2500 and the cost of a truckload of food runs from $12,000-$36,000. We believe this large gesture will warrant media attention and show ANGEL fans in the positive, committed light they deserve. As part of our fundraising effort toward this goal, the food drive has been soliciting donations for an eBay auction. So far, we've been promised items from three Angel authors (John Passarella, Christopher Golden and Jeff Marriotte), Tim Minear, Jim Butcher (whose audio books were read by JM), James Marsters and Fox. We are continuing to contact people and will have additional items soon. We will be announcing the auction date within the next week. In addition to the charity auction, we are accepting financial contributions via PayPal on the Food Drive site. We will use the proceeds to help pay for the freight/truckload of food. If we should fall short of our goal we will present the Food Bank with a check for the amount donated. For anyone wishing to keep fighting for Angel and the Jossverse, please check out www.MutantBoosters.com. Please note, this is currently a teaser site only. Anyone wishing to be informed when the site is up and running, please email Denise at: orbistra@yahoo.com.