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2002-11-18 18:55:36+00:00 - So, about Connor - (Emanuel Brown <epbrown01@att.net>)

Okay, after reading all the posts, it seems nobody had the same idea that I did - that after boinking Cordelia, Connor's not long for this world? I see Cordy having his kid, but I also see him possibly sacrificing himself to kill the beast because they're somehow linked and dying in the process. Just speculation, but I got that vibe. You know the one, you get it every time you're watching a buddy film/show and you see one of them fall in love with a girl in the first half of the episode. Fifteen minutes later, you discover she's linked to the bad guys they're chasing, and before the credits roll he's standing over her grave clutching FTD's "Dead Girlfriend" bouquet while his partner pats him on the shoulder. Emanuel -- "You killed him!" "What are you - the narrator?" Faith in "Choices"