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2003-05-15 07:50:30-07:00 - Spike's Role in ATS: My Suggestion - (scary_penguin@hotmail.com)

Here's a productive use for Spike if he joins the Angel cast: W&H, as part of their evil plan, ressurects Spike's mother and makes her the managing partner of the LA office. It turns out that unbenownst to Spike, she was a master witch and his biting, then staking, her ruined her plans to conquer London. She acts as "Professor X" for Team Angel for a while, and even goes on a couple dates with Giles, but they don't amount to much. By about midpoint, we start to see hints that mom was evil all along. She starts an affair with Ethan Rayne,* and the two of them are the big bad for the final season of Angel, together with some help from Dru. The three of them aren't earth-destroying-apocalypse bad, just bad, and the ultimate confrontation is basically more personal than world-shattering, forcing Angel to confront his obligations to Spike and Dru and evaluate his place in the world. Angel acknowledges Spike as his own (cf. Tempest), stakes Dru (or somehow cures and ensouls her), and saves the day. Spike kills mom again, and goes off to find himself. Angel and the team leave the series a little more confident in their place in the world, and in their relationship to each other. (Cf. All Good Things). (Ok, I'm joking, but on reflection, it might not be that bad.)