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2003-05-23 13:51:12+00:00 - Anyone For A... - (fylmfan@aol.comspam)

(maybe spoilers for S5 Angel) "Let Spike Move On" letter writing campaign? Apparently these campaigns work. The "Buffy and Angel Forever!" letter writing campaigns apparently succeeded, forcing ME to backtrack from the position it took about Angel having moved on and the Angel show being independent of BtVS. When a person in an online chat told Charisma Carpenter she wanted Angel and Cordie together, CC said to write letters, that the bigwigs really do read letters and are affected by them in what they decide to do with the characters. Which gave me the impression that they broke up Cordie and Angel due to the writing of letters. Maybe if enough people write "No More Spike as Buffy's Bitch" letters, we can get equally fantastic results. ::eye roll:: "God had tempered judgment with mercy." -- Jane Eyre