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2004-02-02 20:50:30-08:00 - WB magazine ads for AtS - (reldevik@usa.net)

(spoilers for 5.13 only, very slight spoilers) S P A C E I wish I knew how to scan images and show them here. In the new TV Guide (the one for next week) there's a great ad for the AtS episode that week, 5.13. It has a gorgeous close-up of Spike's face (he has never looked better) with a submarine turret underneath, and the words "1943: Hitler has a secret weapon...Spike." I am so impatient to see this episode I could almost scream! I think it's going to be absolutely great. Also wanted to mention the WB's full-page ad on the back cover of the Hollywood Reporter (the special Angel 100th Episode issue). It's interesting because you can see which characters the WB wants to promote most by how large their picture is and/or how high up it is in the montage. Of course Angel's photo is by far the largest. Next largest, and also highest up and to the left, is Spike's picture--a very nice head shot of him. Eve is to Spike's right but much smaller. Next largest, and just below Spike, is Gunn. Cordy and Fred are a little above Gunn but much smaller in size. Wes is below and small, Connor is below Wes and super-tiny, Harm is a little bigger but below, then Lorne about the same size as Harm, and lowest of all a super-tiny Glenn Quinn. Did anybody else notice this ad? Clairel