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2003-12-19 14:46:42-08:00 - Lorne--love for the green? should say Re: - (jillun@hotmail.com)

"Thirsty Viking" <jdoerter@kill.spam.comcast.net> wrote in message news:<2qGdnaLwfPOC3X6iRVn-vg@comcast.com>... > "TchWrtrMcf" <tchwrtrmcf@aol.com> wrote in message > news:20031219130115.14218.00001550@mb-m28.aol.com... > > Just guessing, but I'd have to say that Lorne is deeply, totally, > > head-over-heels in love with Angel. But aside from the old straight-gay > > thing,(IE Angel's complete lack of interest in anything of the sort with > Lorne > > or any male) I'd also venture to say that basic engineering makes sex > > impossible, or at least very uncomforable, between humans and whatever the > hell > > Lorne is. > > Groo-slug was part cow part whatever... so presumably not impossible. Actually, I have a theory on that. You remember when the demons out looking to wipe out the hybrids called humans "mutants"? Strange demons born with an impulse to kindness and caring? When Groo was talking about growing up, he seemed to indicate that they weren't sure until he matured, implying that the demons' children probably look more like ordinary human children. "Why didn't Junior go through puberty normally?" "I don't know, hon, let's do a blood test." Then there's Lorne himself, who looks much closer to human than the rest of his family and not just from good grooming, they are all much heftier than him. He's probably a mutant, too. Then there was the Kamshuk. I don't remember the priests stating that Cordelia's powers would pass to Groo. Later, when all the Conner-stuff went down resulting in the birth of Jasmine, I wondered if Jasmine would have been born a lot earlier. Groo, human born of demons. Conner, human born of demons. When the Groo gambit failed they must have scrambled to get a usable alternative.