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2003-05-29 09:27:15-07:00 - How would you like to see the Cordy story end in S5? - (bergeg@parl.gc.ca)

Whether or not you want her to go, it's pretty much a done deal. So what would be the best exit for her character ? I'd like to see a two-episode arc where Buffy and Xander visit LA to find a Slayer, while Cordy finally wakes up from her coma. Cordy can't remember much of what happened since she was demonized, and after talking to the AI people, she realizes how she's been used by both the forces of good and the forces of evil. She meets with Xander and bonds with him again, and they realize they have unresolved issues between them, and sees an opportunity to go with on their quest around the world to find the new Slayers. After some tearful goodbyes, she leaves with Buffy and Xander and rejoins the original gang.