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2002-11-18 19:16:53+00:00 - POLL: Cordy/Connor - (sweick@aol.com)

Real simple, on Cordy/Connor the two extreme or anything in between: (If you think it's a degree of, state which side you lean to and why.) 1) In Character/Out Of Character? 2) Well Set Up/Poorly Set Up? 3) Tasteful/Ewwww? 4) Rational/Irrational? 5) Natural Outgrowth/Writer's Fiat? 6) Good Writing/Bad Writing? 7) Actual Cordy/Pod Cordy? 8) Great Arcwork/Terrible Arcwork? Granted, the main ephasis is about Cordelia, though those who want to view it in a Connor perspective, go right ahead. (Be kind, it's my first poll.) Stephen Weick | A pleasingly pleasantly pettish person. In episode 6, it will be revealed that Buffy and Xander eloped and have been secretly married for a month and a half. - Zombie Elvis