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2003-07-08 21:14:57-07:00 - FAQ - alt.tv.angel - short version - (William George Ferguson <wmgfrgsn@newsguy.com>)

By design, this is a short faq, and not meant to be complete. For a more complete faq, see: http://alcor.concordia.ca/~ra_forti/angelfaq For more complete information about the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, consult several other online FAQs. This FAQ reflects the newsgroup into July of 2003, and the tv series through the end of the 4th season. Angel's next new episode will be broadcast will be in the fall, the season opener for season 5. At this time, the WB has not scheduled any Angel repeats for the summer. The character information at the bottom of this faq reflects the various characters' status as of the end of season 4, and thus may constitute spoilers if you haven't seen that far. The Newsgroup alt.tv.angel (ata) was created to discuss the television show Angel (about a year before Angel first aired, actually). Any discussion of Angel, the show, the storylines, the cast, the characters, the behind the scenes people, or pretty much anything else related to Angel (including franchise products like books and comics) is on topic. Discussion of the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, its stories, cast, etc. is on topic when that discussion directly relates to the show Angel (as it occasionally will, since Angel is a spinoff of Buffy, and there have been crossovers). Discussion of Buffy that isn't directly related to the show Angel should go on the appropriate Buffy group (most commonly alt.tv.buffy-v-slayer, but there are also specific Buffy newsgroups for other parts of the world). Like virtually all discussion newsgroups, binaries are off topic. If you want to post cool Angel-related binaries to a newsgroup, post them to alt.binaries.multimedia.buffy-v-slayer, where they will be very welcome. It hasn't been a problem yet, but fanfic is also off topic. Angel fanfic is currently welcome on alt.tv.buffy-v-slayer.creative There are different views on spoiler space, and ata's consensus view is hardly set in stone, but inserting spoiler space is never wrong. The group does seem to be veering toward more spoiler space usage rather than less. The show: The tv show Angel is about an LA private detective named Angel who is a vampire. He primarily takes cases involving helping innocents (and not so innocents) who are being preyed on by supernatural beings (mostly vampires and demons). The world the tv show Angel takes place in is often referred to as the Buffyverse because Angel is a spinoff of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It is sometimes called the Angelverse when highlighting differences between the two shows. The characters: AI: Angel Investigations the detective agency founded by Angel Angel: a vampire cursed with a soul, atoning for the evil he did Liam: Angel's original human name, typically used when differentiating the human from the vampire Angelus: the original, latinate, form of his name that Angel adopted when he bacame a vampire, typically used to differentiate unsouled Angel from souled Angel Wesley: (Wesley Wyndham-Price) an ex-Watcher, now a Rogue Demon Slayer, good at research Gunn: (Charles Gunn) former leader of a street-level anti-vampire militia who currently works with Angel Investigations The Host: Krevlorneswath (Lorne) a demon from the dimension of Pylea, who can read auras through music Fred: (Winifred Burkle) a library worker/physics student who spent five years trapped in the demon dimension of Pylea. Others that may come up in discussions ME: Mutant Enemy, the production company that makes Angel The PTB: The Powers That Be, generally referring to powers (presumably good) who oppose the demons and other evils TPTSY: Fred's take on the PTB, The Powers That Screw You W&H: Wolfram & Hart, a law firm that defends demons and other evil things. The Senior Partners are demonic, and they may be linked to the oppposite number of the PTB. For some reason, they seem to have a liking for lawyers with the initials 'L.M.' As of the end of season 4, they've turned their LA office over to Angel Investigations (Important Note: W&H employees, at least at the level of partner and possibly others, have 'perpetuity' clauses in their contracts which are binding after death, at least two dead partners so far, Holland Manners and Lilah Morgan, have returned to serve W&H after dying) Lilah: Lilah Morgan, a W&H lawyer; associate in Season 1, junior partner in season 2 and 3, partner in season 4, currently dead Lindsey: Lindsey McDonald, a former W&H lawyer; associate in season 1, junior partner in season 2, currently separated from W&H Gavin: Gavin Park, a W&H lawyer/junior partner, currently dead Lee: Lee Mercer, a W&H lawyer/associate, currently dead Holland: Holland Manners, a W&H lawyer/partner, currently dead Linwood: Linwood Murrow, a W&H lawyer/partner, currently dead Cordelia: (Cordelia Chase) office-person, would-be actress, as of midway through season 1 received Doyle's vision power, which started slowly killing her, as of midway through season 3 became half-demon to avoid dying from vision power, ascended as a higher being at end of season 3, returned to Earth in season 4, where she was controlled by a rogue higher being (Jasmine), went into coma giving birth to Jasmine's physical body, and remained in coma at the end of season 4 Connor: The son of two vampires, Angel and Darla. Which is defined in the Buffyverse as impossible. As of the end of season 4, Connor's past has been changed so that he is now the normal son of a normal family, and all memory of his being Angel's son has been removed from everyone, except Angel Darla: Angel's sire (the vamp that made him a vamp), impossible mother of Connor, currently destroyed Drusilla: One of Angel's 'children' (Angel made her a vamp) she has visions, and is insane, sire of Spike Spike: (William the Bloody) 'child' of Drusilla. Spike, Drusilla, Darla, and Angel made a horribly dysfunctional, and devastatingly destructive, vampire family unit from his vamping in the 1870s to Angel's being cursed with a soul in the 1890s, currently in possession of a soul Harmony: Harmony Kendall, Cordelia's high school friend, currently a vamp Doyle: Alan Francis Doyle, a half-demon original member of Angel Investigations. currently dead. Before he died, he gave Cordy her vision power. Anne: Anne Steele (aka 'Lily', 'Chantarelle', 'Sister Sunshine', and other adopted names) operator of a homeless shelter, a former runaway whose life was redirected by Buffy. Faith: a renegade Slayer, sent to prison after turning herself in and confessing to her crimes. Convicted of 2nd degree murder and sentenced to 25 years to life, broke out of prison in season 4 to save Angel, and is currently at large after helping to avert an apocalypse in Sunnydale Kate: Kate Lockley, a former police detective who knows about vampires and other Evil Evil Things Dennis: Phantom Dennis (Dennis Pierson), a ghost who shared Cordelia's apartment Holtz: Daniel Holtz, A demon hunter from the 18th century, brought forward in time to hunt Angel, currently dead Justine: Justine Cooper, Holtz' first recruit; she's driven to avenge her twin sister who was killed by vampires Groo: The Groosalug, a half-demon hero from the dimension of Pylea Sahjian: The time demon who brought Holtz forward, little Sahjian is currently brandy in a flask Skip: A demon agent of TPTB he guarded Billy, who Angel released, guided Cordy into accepting becoming part-demon, and guided Cordy to ascend to a higher plane, turned out to be an agent of Jasmine, currently dead Jasmine: A rogue PTB; she came back to Earth inside Cordy, then became incarnated as a child of Cordy and Connor, currently dead (at least physically) For episode titles, (and synopses/guides if you wish) see http://www.tvtome.com/servlets/EpisodeGuideServlet/showid-12/ http://www.geos.tv/index.php/index/ang and a variety of other sites, fairly easily located. -- DAWN: ... and my sister is a vampire slayer, her best friend is a witch who went bonkers and tried to destroy the world, um, I actually used to be a little ball of energy until about two years ago when some monks changed the past and made me Buffy's sister and for some reason, a big klepto. My best friends are Leticia Jones, who moved to San Diego because this town is evil, and a floppy eared demon named Clem. (deleted scene from the shooting script of BtVS:Lessons)