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2003-01-25 00:35:28-08:00 - When anything is possible, nothing is real - (Mark_Reichert@hotmail.com)

Somebody is saying that it is great if ME has snuck in something that will change the direction of the season greatly without out providing any clues. Not providing clues is a cheat. Anybody could write a mystery if they simply revealed the answer at the end without ever giving the reader any clues to try to work it out for themselves. Any story is possible if you never worry about past or present continuity or being fair to the viewers. But there's nothing 'real' about these stories. If a series can just take off in any direction, there's nothing rooted about it. There's no center on which to stand. These seasons of Angel and Buffy remind me too much of the last season of Quantum Leap. Now there was a series in which everything changed each week EXCEPT Sam, Al, and the basic rules, until the last season. Neither Angel or Buffy is that bad (they don't have NBC meddling) but they do seem to have drifted from their original theme. Angel in particular has completely drifted off the "helping the helpless" mission that began the show. I wonder what Angel would do wit the ring now. This season of Buffy started off with such great promise but has sputtered into a ditch due to plot hole big enough to drive a semi through.