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2004-06-22 06:32:38+00:00 - Charisma Carpenter ? & props - (BUSYWL <djclit69@yahooHATESPAM.com>)

I'm thru seasons 1 & the beginning of season 2 on tnt. I first started watching it after Smallville when it moved to Wed's and never saw her that much , I think she was being written out. I am really surprised how much I enjoy her character and what it brings to the show. Did she ever get any kind of award for her work on Angel? Without her the show would not have clikced the way it does. Peace, BUSYWL ____________________________ + music producer & beat technican FOR film/tv/art/mp3's/dj mixes_ MIDI prod/beatsn songs 4 sale Chicago hip hop/urban/house/techno: visit: http://www.wyndelllong.com/