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2003-12-06 09:15:15-08:00 - Zap2it article on ep 5.10 - (reldevik@usa.net)

S P A C E Here's the article; my comments follow afterward: http://tv.zap2it.com/tveditorial/tve_main/1,1002,271|85006|1|,00.html Boreanaz Goes Behind Camera on 'Angel' (Friday, December 05 02:04 PM) By Rick Porter LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - "Angel" star David Boreanaz will pull double duty on a January episode of the series. In addition to his usual leading role as the vampire-with-a-soul title character, Boreanaz also makes his directorial debut with the episode, titled "Soul Purpose." "It was a really fantastic journey for me," Boreanaz tells Zap2it.com about stepping behind the camera. "I had a great time." Except for one thing: "I found myself immersed in the work so heavily that I really needed some sleep, but I couldn't because I had to shoot the next episode," he says. Nonetheless, Boreanaz found the experience rewarding and hopes he gets a chance to direct again somewhere down the line. In the episode, Angel is disturbed by a series of dreams in which Spike (James Marsters) takes over Angel's role as champion, continuing a plot thread from earlier in the season. Boreanaz says Marsters and the rest of the cast responded well to him as a director. "They really gave me everything they had and were very supportive," he says. "I wanted them to make it an enjoyable experience for them as well -- to really enjoy the rehearsal process and make them feel [the episode] was partly theirs, because it is. I feel that way when I rehearse when we're with another director, so I wanted them to be part of that as much as they possibly could." "Soul Purpose" is scheduled to air Wednesday, Jan. 21. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - My comments: I don't know how much weight I should lay on what this article says, but it's beginning to seem once again as if the scenes involving Spike and Sean, and Spike + people he saves, are all part of the dreams Angel is having. I suppose Angel could be dreaming about a guy named Sean who looks like Lindsey being Spike's "Doyle" and getting him started in the hero business. Maybe it's Angel's subconscious mind trying to tell him that Lindsey's back in town, because Angel has caught a whiff of Lindsey on Eve's body but he didn't consciously recognize it. Or maybe this article is oversimplifying the episode, and the Sean- Spike scenes and scenes of Spike saving people really are happening. Clairel