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2003-02-13 12:49:10+00:00 - Angel takes flight (spoilers for "Calvary") - (unboundi@aol.com)

I'm going to say it right now. It will be an injustice if this series is cancelled at the end of the season. "Angel" has consistently gotten better with each season and it is flexing its creative muscles in a very powerful way this season. On the heels of a strong episode of "Buffy," "Angel" performed like a star athlete stepping up its game even more to deliver an even stronger and more compelling episode. What I like most about the recent events of "Angel" is how it has taken its two lead characters and turned not one, but both of them into the enemy. Not only is Angelus loose, but Cordelia is the one who freed him, either under the influence of demonic forces or an imposter placed in their midst by the forces who wish to wipe out all human existence. The revelation with Cordelia certainly explains much of her odd behavior this season (nothing odder than her one night of .... whateveryouwanttocallit ... with Connor. But since Cordelia returned (or led the AI group into believing she had returned), all hell has broken loose. The Beast has arrived, the interpersonal relationships among the AI group have become even more splintered and on edge and best of all, Angelus has returned. And it was BadCordelia's "visions" which provided the impetus for all of it.