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2003-07-18 08:02:18-05:00 - Casting Sides Spoilers ep1, S5 - (Julie Carrigon <carrigon@suscom.net>)

Spoilers from Spoiled Rotten for Ep.1, Season 5: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * http://spoiledrotten.tvheaven.com/angel.html Episode 5.1 Spoilers July 17, 2003 The casting sides for Episode 1 (written by Joss Whedon) have been released. Here's a summary: -In the teaser, Angel saves a woman who's being attacked by a vamp in an alley. He dusts the vamp. - Angel is confronted by a group of paramilitary type guys with machine guns. Then several lawyers arrive on the scene. The leader of the paramilitary guys is Hauser. He tells Angel that they're his operations' team and they were sent by W&H to back him up. - Then one of the lawyers comes up to Angel, telling him not to leave until they control the scene. W&H has been tracking Angel with a tracking monitor on his shirt. - The woman who Angel just saved is giving a liability release form to fill out then asked by the lawyer to pose for pictures with Angel. The woman and Angel are both rather dumbfounded. -Act 1 begins with two kindergartners going to class, talking about comic books. They walk into their classroom. As one of the boys sits down, something happens... - A few scenes later, Angel goes to work the following day and complains to Gunn and Wes about W&H tracking him. - Angel goes into his office, and Eve is there. She's the W&H liaison between Angel and the Senior Partners. She starts to explain what Angel is supposed to be doing, which is keeping his mostly demon and evil clients happy. - A few scenes later, Wes is briefing Angel on a legal case W&H has. Lowlife criminal Corbin Fries and his thug lawyer, Desmond Keel, come in. Harmony is there as a secretary or assistant, offering everyone coffee. - Fries goes on trial tomorrow. He's guilty and he gave W&H a lot of money before Angel started running the place to keep himself out of jail. But they're his law firm and they have to get him off, or he will drop a bomb and destroy all of California. - Act 2 begins with Lorne reading W&H employs in a conference room. He has a list of names and is marking off whether they are evil or not. He listens to a W&H employee singing. - In the next scene, Fred explains to Knox about Lorne's abilities to read people while decorating her office. - A few scenes later, Fred is trying to page Gunn, but he's not answering. Lorne is questioning why Harmony is there. - Angel is going out to meet with a sorcerer named Spanky who's connected to Fries. He's not going via the sewers, instead W&H has a fleet of sports cars in the garage for Angel. Hauser comes up to Angel, wanting to know if his unit is going on the mission. - Angel goes to Spanky's ratty apartment and tells him he's there on W&H business and is let in. Angel wants to know what Spanky did for Fries. Angel threatens Spanky with a paddle. Spanky reveals he gave Fries a mystical container - one that a bomb could be placed in. - Spanky tries to strangle Angel, but that's rather useless. Angel whacks Spanky across the room with the paddle. - Gunn is at an incredibly creepy doctor's office. The doctor knows about him being in the white room. The doctor does some very painful procedure on Gunn. - Fred & Knox are researching what work the W&H lab did for Fries. - Fred reports to Wes the information that she and Knox have found about a virus that Fries had a W&H lab tech make. It looks like Fries doesn't have a bomb but instead a chemical warfare type virus. - Lorne is monitoring the courtroom where Fries is on trial, reporting back to Angel. Keel is trying to drag things out. They've found out that Fries has a kid, and he's dangerous. Angel heads to the boy's school. Hauser is monitoring Lorne and Angel's conversation from a van. He's out to prove how things are done, so his team heads out to terminate the boy. - Wes and Gunn arrive at the courtroom, right as the defense can't stall anymore and it's time for final arguments. - Gunn moves for a mistrial on the grounds that the judge has a conflict of interest. Gunn has tax records that show business dealings between the judge and Fries. Gunn totally has the judge and is being a big shot lawyer. - The Ops team busts into a school, looking for a boy. But Angel had gotten there first to prevent them from finding the kid. There's a fight between Hauser and Angel. Hauser first pulls a gun on Angel, but his team has stakes and holy water too. Carrigon -- http://carrigon.proboards15.com/index.cgi http://pop.suscom.net/~carrigon/tips.html Carrigon's Sims Tips, Tricks, Cheats <(���������)> @>--- PC Problems? Call the PC Doctor! They fixed my pc: http://pcdocrx.com/go.cgi/64985jma

2003-07-18 19:04:16+00:00 - Re: Casting Sides Spoilers ep1, S5 - (Chris Zabel <alephnull@earthlink.net>)

Just based on this info and other tidbits floating around I'm not too sure I like the "new direction" the show is going in for season five(though of course I reserve final judgement until I see the finished product). I'm not sure Whedon's style of writing fits Angel as well as it did on Buffy. I just hope the show doesn't become Law & Order: Supernatural Victims Unit...

2003-07-18 19:17:52+00:00 - Re: Casting Sides Spoilers ep1, S5 - (PJ Browning <antarian@pacbell.net>)

In article <QwXRa.108110$Io.9250790@newsread2.prod.itd.earthlink.net>, Chris Zabel <alephnull@earthlink.net> wrote: > I > just hope the show doesn't become Law & Order: Supernatural Victims Unit... > you talk like that would be a bad idea. It in fact might be a good one. quite a few vocal fans have been yelling that the show has been shit with all the soap opera relationships and constant angst. a L&O approach fits with the lighter style of season one and two only now they have the resources to get the job done easier (which could prove to be part of the problem)