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There are no spoilers in this FAQ. This FAQ can be found at: http://alcor.concordia.ca/~ra_forti/angelfaq Last updated on August 3, /2002 Posted weekly alt.tv.angel FAQ 1) Anything new this week or should i go on to the next post? Updated DVD Table of Content 1) Anything new this week or should i go on to the next post? Table of Content 2) What is alt.tv.angel? 2.1) What is the purpose of this FAQ 2.2) So where can I post binaries or see them? 2.3) Where can I find pictures, sounds, clips, etc of the cast or show? 2.4) Warning Fox has lawyers on the prowl! 3) What do we talk about here? 4) *IMPORTANT* Please use spoiler space 4.1) What is a spoiler? 4.2) Any other hints? 5) What are the episodes? 6) Are there Book? 7) What are the Watcher Guides? 8) Is Angel available on videotape? 8.1) DVD? 9) Some strange terms you may see and not understand... 9.1) Some terms used on alt.tv.angel: 10) What is the term "*" mean? 10.1) "Shipper" 10.2) What does Faith mean with the term "5 by 5"? 10.3) Fanwank 10.4) Bitca 10.5) Hellmouth Cafe/Lounge? 10.5.1) What does that mean? 10.6) Evol? 10.7) Mary Sue? 10.8) Gabba? 11) Who is who again? The Major Characters: 12) Why is it that some people bitten by a vampire turn into one but others don't. 13) You can find another more detailed FAQ that deals more with the spoiler of the show at: 14) What is Buffy Survivors? 15) Why does Angel show up in video/photographs? 16) Copyrights. 17) Errors? 2) What is alt.tv.angel? alt.tv.angel is an unmoderated newsgroup devoted to "Angel," ATA. It is a place for discussion, not a place to post pictures, or fan fiction. The place to post fanfic is alt.tv.buffy-v-slayer.creative. There is at least one binaries newsgroup. alt.tv.buffy-v-slayer.multimedia. There is a Buffy search engine site, http://www.buffysearch.com that can be used for searches related to Angel There are other Angel newsgroups, as well as fan newsgroups. Your best bet to find them if they are not on your ISP is to go to google.com and search there. Here's the ones I know of: alt.tv.angel discussion of TV show 'Angel' alt.tv.buffy-v-slayer discussion of TV show 'Buffy, the Vampire Slayer' (aka Buffy) alt.tv.buffy-v-slayer.creative fan fiction about Buffy (and Angel) alt.binaries.multimedia.buffy-v-slayer all binaries (sound, still image, video, etc.) related to Buffy alt.binaries.multimedia.buffy-v-slayer.repost all binaries (sound, still image, video, etc.) related to Buffy and angel, only reposted for people who missed them the first time uk.media.tv.buffy-v-slayer British discussion of Buffy (spoilers are driven by British broadcasts, not American) uk.media.tv.angel. British discussion of Angel (spoilers are driven by British broadcasts, not American) aus.tv.buffy Australian discussion of Buffy (and Angel) (spoilers are driven by Australian broadcasts, not American) alt.buffy.europe English-language Buffy discussion newsgroup for various European countries de.rec.tv.buffy German-language Buffy newsgroup free.it.buffy.the.vampire.slayer Italian-language Buffy newsgroup alt.tv.buffy-v-slayer.spoilers Figure it out... Pictures and fan fiction are not appropriate due to the nature of this group which caters to a wide variety of fans: who may find binary (picture) files and long fan fiction posts to be expensive due to the way they access the internet -- both in actual monetary cost and in wasted time do to slow connections. As for binaries, you don't post binaries to a non-binary newsgroup. Some news servers can't handle binaries all that well, and they may drop a newsgroup if there are too many. Finally, as there are several binary newsgroups associated with the series, so if you feel that you must post a binary, post it in one of those newsgroups, and post a message in this group saying, "Hey, I just posted [description of binary] on [name of binary ng].This means no MP3 files of the theme, no jpg of CC, and no doc files of your "work". If you can't put it in plain text, don't put it here. And yes, that means no html. If you have something that you think might be of interest, put it on your web page and post the address here. Or, if you must, post it in alt.tv.buffy-v-slayer.multimedia. 2.1) What is the purpose of this FAQ The FAQ is the commonly accepted view of the community. It is for the community, from the community to serve the community of this NG. It contains the commonly held views on how to post by the members as well as questions that have often been asked. 2.2) So where can I post binaries or see them? alt.binaries.multimedia.buffy-v-slayer (ABMBVS) was specifically created for this purpose. Please read the ABMBVS FAQ before posting. Copies can be found at: http://www.geocities.com/btvsfaq/abmbvs-faq.txt 2.3) Where can I find pictures, sounds, clips, etc of the cast or show? The first place to look is a search engine. Pretty much everything you could ever want is on the net already, please take the time to look before you ask the newsgroup. If that fails, post your request in alt.binaries.multimedia.buffy-v-slayer, if your newserver carries it. If not you may post your request here, but please don't ask for it to be filled in alt.tv.buffy-v-slayer. There are many sites the people personally create so check out the sig files of people as well. 2.4) Warning Fox has lawyers on the prowl! There have been an increasing number of poster's asking for URL's to download the TV show, BTVS and Angel. Now some of them may be fresh newbies without a clue. But I would not bet the site on it. Fox has gone out of its way to shut down sites that have the full episode for downloading. It has been said that Fox has gone after the people who post it to the Newsgroup alt.binaries.multimedia.buffy-v-slayer to have them kicked from their accounts. We have lost vid caps, slayme among others to the lawyers from Fox. As such 1) if you know about a site where episodes can be downloaded, do not tell any one. 2) If you have seen a poster for a long time and they ask, they would not, but you may think about giving them a URL. 3) Consider all such requests to be a Fox lawyer looking to shut down another site. 4) Just say no the lawyers from Fox For Newbies, do not ask where you can get episodes from. Go to: alt.binaries.multimedia.buffy-v-slayer And get it for yourself. If you get a rude comment to the effect that you are a Fox lawyer then you should have read this first, and should not have asked in the first place. 2.5) Ok i get the fact that Fox has lawyers on the net looking for sites but i just have to download the show. Ok you can do so. First there are web sites out there, no do not ask me, do not send me an email, do not call, in fact do not do anything to ask me. I will respond with much laughter... You will have to find out about those sites all by yourself. Make friends, some one may like you enough to tell yu. I do not. Ok too much work in making friends. I understand. Being a socially disfunctional net geek takes hard work and no social life and no claim to any social skills. First: Download Morpheus (http://musiccity.com) or Kazaa (http://kazaa.com). I prefer Morpheus, less ads. Type in buffy and off you go. You will need a cable modem to have any chance of getting an episode in any reasonable time. I can tell you that it is possible to d/l every episode of Angel and Buffy up to last weeks... Now the downside. It may be illegal to do so. You will be violating copyright of the shows owners, maybe. Just because no private person has been sued does not mean that they cannot, or will not. If you do try to d/l *ANY* TV show, it is at your own risk. I will tell you not to do it if you are in any way concerned about being sued, violating copy right etc. see your attorney before doing so, if you have any legal questions. Anything not in my disclaimer that should be there, can be considered to be there. 3) What do we talk about here? This newsgroup is for anything having to do with the show Angel. 4) *IMPORTANT* Please use spoiler space Not everyone has the time to watch every show as it comes out. As with early feeds to stations and later viewing in different countries, some people may not have seen the most recent episodes. So please respect that by giving warnings and not listing plot points in the header. 4.1) What is a spoiler? A spoiler is information about the content of an episode. Some people don't want to hear ahead of time what's going to happen during an episode, because it will spoil the episode's impact. Spoilers can be major, revealing important plot points or major changes in characters or situations, or minor, just giving away some minor detail about the episode. (A major spoiler for the Star Wars trilogy would be that Darth Vader is Luke's father. A minor spoiler would be that the rebels are hiding out on an ice planet at the start of the Empire Strikes Back movie.) Episodes air on different days in Canada, the USA and internationally, where some countries are a season or more behind, so it's difficult to decide just how long after an episode airs you would need to wait before you can skip the spoilers. Most TV groups use either the second rerun of an episode, or the start of the next season in the USA. Because some people are more sensitive about spoilers than others, the safest policy is to avoid revealing anything about an episode without giving fair warning to anyone who hasn't seen that episode yet. That means no spoilers in the the header. Be sure that people take this very serious, to the point of kill filing people over their lack of spoilers. Spoiler space, or spoiler protection, is a way of warning people about spoilers before they read them. The standard format is to identify what episode you'll be discussing in the Subject heading, then again in the first line of the message. This is because some people's browsers show the header prominently, but others don't. Then you leave 25-30 lines with one or two characters each (we'd say blank lines, but some mailers delete long blank sections) so that the spoilers won't be on the first page of the message, because some people read too fast and might see some spoiler info before the warning sinks in. Spoiler protection might seem weird at first, but it's considered basic nettiquette and you'll get used to it fast, and even learn to appreciate it. If you don't use it, you'll alienate a lot of people unnecessarily. So be polite and everyone will stay friends! 4.2) Any other hints? -Stay on topic... try to stay on topic... -Do not feed the Trolls (ahhh whats a troll? see: http://alcor.concordia.ca/~ra_forti/troll -Do not flame other people... (Wishing and hoping...) (But i do not know who to argue without flaming... (See: http://alcor.concordia.ca/~ra_forti/argue -Try to be polite and respect one another -Trim out the parts of a post you are responding to that are not immediately relevant to your response. For instance, never, ever, quote all 471 lines of a posting to add a two line response. This would be good advice for the not-so-newbies as well. Some of the ones who seem to do this most often are long-time reulars who should know better. -Many new people and some not so new people are forgetting to include the names of people they are quoting when they post. Please type the name of the person over the quote, or use whatever quoting/attribution device your software allows. It makes it much easier for the rest of us to follow the threads. -Do not post test messages here. They belong in alt.test how do I quote correctly in usenet? http://www.netmeister.org/news/learn2quote2.html the advantages of usenet's quoting conventions http://web.ukonline.co.uk/g.mccaughan/g/remarks/uquote.html why bottom-posting is better than top-posting http://fmf.fwn.rug.nl/~anton/topposting.html "rules" for posting to usenet: http://www.faqs.org/faqs/usenet/posting-rules/part1/ Bottom vs. top posting and quotation style on Usenet http://www.cs.tut.fi/~jkorpela/usenet/brox.html zen and the art of the internet (usenet section) http://www.cs.indiana.edu/docproject/zen/zen-1.0_6.html What do you mean "my reply is upside-down"? http://www.i-hate-computers.demon.co.uk/ Posting help for newbies http://www.windfalls.net/ukrm/postinghelp.html 5) What are the episodes? 101 City Of 10/05/99 102 Lonely Heart 10/12/99 103 In The Dark 10/19/99 104 I Fall To Pieces 10/26/99 105 RM W/A VU 11/02/99 106 Sense And Sensitivity 11/09/99 107 The Bachelor Party 11/16/99 108 I Will Remember You 11/23/99 109 Hero 11/30/99 110 Parting Gifts 12/14/99 111 Somnambulist 01/18/00 112 Expecting 01/25/00 113 She 02/08/00 114 I've Got You Under My Skin 02/15/00 115 The Prodigal 02/22/00 116 The Ring 02/29/00 117 Eternity 04/04/00 118 Five By Five 04/25/00 119 Sanctuary 05/02/00 120 War Zone 05/09/00 121 Blind Date 05/16/00 122 To Shanshu In LA 05/23/00 Season 2 201 Judgment 10/02/00 202 Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been (AYNOHYEB) 10/09/00 203 First Impressions 10/16/00 204 Untouched 10/23/00 205 Dear Boy 10/30/00 206 Guise Will Be Guise 11/07/00 207 Darla 11/14/00 208 The Shroud Of Rahmon 11/21/00 209 The Trial 11/28/00 210 Reunion 12/19/00 211 Redefinition 01/16/01 212 Blood Money 01/23/01 213 Happy Anniversary 02/06/01 214 The Thin Dead Line 02/13/01 215 Reprise 02/20/01 216 Epiphany 02/27/01 217 Disharmony 04/17/01 218 Dead End 04/24/01 219 Belonging 05/01/01 220 Over The Rainbow 05/08/01 221 Through The Looking Glass 05/15/01 222 There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb 05/22/01 Season three 301 Heartthrob 09/24/01 302 That Vision thing 10/01/01 303 That Old Gang of Mine 10/08/01 304 Carpe Noctem 10/15/01 305 Fredless 10/22/01 306 Billy 10/29/01 307 Offspring 11/05/01 308 Quickening 11/12/01 309 Lullaby 11/19/01 310 Dad 12/10/01 311 Birthday 01/14/02 312 Provider 01/21/02 313 Waiting in the wings 02/04/02 314 Couplets 02/18/02 315 Loyalty 02/25/02 316 Sleep tight 03/04/02 317 Forgiven 04/15/02 318 Double or Nothing 04/22/02 319 The Price 04/29/02 320 A New World 05/06/02 321 Benidication 05/13/02 322 Tommorrow 05/20/02 Season Four 401 Deep Down 10/08/02 402 Ground State 10/13/02 403 The House Always Wins 10/21/02 404 Slouching Towards Bethlehem 10/28/02 405 Supersymmetry 11/03/02 406 Spin the Bottle 11/10/02 407 Apocalypse, Nowish/Rain of Fire 11/17/02 408 Habeas Corpses 01/15/03 409 Long Day's Journey 01/22/03 410 Awakening 01/29/03 411 Soulless 02/05/03 412 Calvary 02/12/03 413 Salvage 03/05/03 414 Release 03/12/03 415 Orpheus 03/19/03 416 Players 03/26/03 417 Inside Out 04/02/03 418 Shiny Happy People 04/09/03 419 The Magic Bullet 04/16/03 420 Sacrifice 04/23/03 421 Peace Out 04/30/03 422 Home 05/07/03 Season 5 501 10/01/03? 6) Are there Book Titles? The answer is yes but for a complete list please check with your regional book seller or on Aamazon etc. Young Adult Books YA #6, "The Angel Chronicles, Vol. 1" YA #7, "The Angel Chronicles, Vol. 2" YA #11, "The Angel Chronicles, Vol. 3" Angel books #1, "City of..." #2, "Not Forgotten" #3, "Redemption" #4, "Close to the ground" #5, "Shake Down" #6, "Hollywood Noir" #7, "Avatar" #8, "Soul Trade" #9, "Bruja" #10, "The Summoned" #11, "The Haunted" #1, Buffy and Angel, Unseen - "The Burning" #2, Buffy and Angel, Unseen - "Door To Alternity" #3, Buffy and Angel, Unseen - "Long Way Home" Magazine At present, the official BTVS magazine runs articles/interviews on Angel. MVP/Cinescape may eventually decide to give Angel his own magazine, but until then . . . Issue #11 is now on the newsstands. Interviews take up most of this issue; it features interviews with Michelle Trachtenberg, J. August Richards, Andy Hallet (The Host), and makup supervisor Todd McIntosh. The other main feature this issue is "Love Lines," a diagram showing who our Sunnydale heroes have been involved with, and whether the involvement was a harmless crush, fling thing, dangerous liason, or true love. (And if you follow the diagram, you can go from Dawn Summers to Lindsay MacDonald in less than six steps.) The "Writers Block" section focuses this time on David Fury and Shawn Ryan, and "Random Access" has a brief chat with Anthony Stewart Head. This issue's centerspread posters has The Scooby Gang on one side, and Angel on the other. As usual, there are two covers. The "A" cover features Michelle Trachtenberg and Sarah Michelle Gellar, while the "B" cover features J. August Richards. Note: There are three different covers for each issue. The "A" cover is the newsstand edition. The "B" cover is available only at comic stores and similar specialty stores. And then there is the Fan Club cover, which, as you might guess, is on the issues that go to members of the BTVS Fan Club. It has the same photo as the "B" cover, but there is no test on the cover, only the magazine logo and the Fan Club logo. The 2000 BTVS Yearbook: It is a Buffy/Angel flip book; roughly 1/2 of it is Angel material, with the rest devoted to Buffy. The Angel side contains interviews with Bai Ling and the actors who played the Oracles, and an episode guide for season 1. Comics: The Angel comic book ceased the run of the first series with issue 17. There was a second series, limited to 4 issues, which was written by none other then Joss Whedon! There is also a comic strip written by Jane Epsonson called Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Haunting, which features Angel and Faith and is set in late season 2 of Angel. Angel and the crew have continued to appear in the Buffy comic on occasion though, in crossovers and flashbacks. Dark Horse Comics published comic versions of both Buffy and Angel, monthly, with two covers for each issue -- one cover is art by whoever the current art team is, the other is a photo cover. The comics are original stories, although Dark Horse did publish a mini-series of Buffy's origin as the Slayer. This was more or less an adaptation of the movie, but using the origional script JW had in mind. There have also been a few one-shots, including a Spike & Dru story that was written by James Marsters. Video Games? The Freedom Force video game has been released for PowerMac as well. The characters from Angel are available, Mathew R. Ignash is one of the contributors of the Freedom Force skin for Buffy and Angel - he made the Lorne skin! http://angel.fcpages.com/freedomforce/lorne.jpg 7) What are the Watcher Guides? Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder, The Watcher's Guide. Pocket Books, 1998. (14$ US, 20 Can.) This is the best IMHO. This is the official guide to BTVS. Christopher Golden, Stephen R. Bissette, and Thomas E. Sniegoski, The Monster Book. Pocket Books, 2000. ($16.95 US, $24.95 Can, �10.95 UK) Another official guide; this one to the various monster that have appeared in S1-S4. Some brief references are made to S1 Angel. Besides descriptions of the monsters, and listings of when they appeared, there are also essays on the mythology, folklore, and cultural origins of the various categories of monsters. Watchers Guide Volume 2 is out. It follows the same format as Volume 1, and covers seasons 3 and 4. There is an episode guide for those two seasons, interviews with the cast, most of the same features as Volume 1. There is some mention of Angel, primarily in respect to the crossover episodes, and in the interviews with DB and CC. 8) Is Angel available on videotape/DVD? Soonish... I am told that they will be releasing something in Febuary 2003... In the UK, Angel series one episodes 1-11, series one episodes 12-22, series two episodes 1-11 and 12-22 are available in stores. Australia also has all of Season 1 out. 8.1) DVD? Depending on what region you live in you will find some of the seasons out on DVD. 9) Some strange terms you may see and not understand... AFAIK: As Far As I Know AIUI: As I Understand It BB - Big Bad (villain) - opposite of MOTW BTDT: Been There. Done That BTW: By The Way D/L: Download ESAD: Eat Sh*t And Die (also posted as FOAD) ET - Evil Thing FOAD: F*ck Off And Die (also posted as ESAD) FWIW: For What It's Worth FYI: For Your Information HAND: Have A Nice Day HTH: Hope This Helps IANAL: I Am Not A Lawyer (but)... IIRC: If I Recall (Remember) Correctly IMHO: In My Humble/Honest Opinion IMNSHO: In My Not So Humble Opinion IMO: In My Opinion IOW: In Other Words ISTM: It Seems To Me. JIC: Just In Case LOL: Laughing Out Loud OTOH: On The Other Hand RL: Real Life ROF: Rolling On Floor ROTFL: Rolling On The Floor Laughing ROTFL<MAO>: Rolling On The Floor Laughing <My Ass Off> RST: Resolved Sextual Tension. RTFM: Read The F*cking Manual! RTFMD: Read The FAQ Man! TIA: Thanks In Advance TINC: There Is No Cabal TMI: Too Much Information TTBOMK: To The Best Of My Knowledge WADR: With All Due Respect... UST: Unresolved Sexual Tension. YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary 9.1) Some terms used on alt.tv.angel: AD - Alexis Denisof (Wesley) AH - Alyson Hannigan (Willow) AI - Angel Investigations BtVS - Buffy the Vampire Slayer CC - Charisma Carpenter (or Cordelia Chase) CoW - Council of Watchers DB - David Boreanaz (Angel) GQ - Glenn Quinn (Doyle) JAR -- J. August Richards (Gunn) JB - Julie Benz (Darla) JM - James Marsters (Spike) JW - Joss Whedon (The Creator...) ME - Mutant Enemy MFFE - Mysterious Force For Evil MFFG - Mysterious Force For Good MOO - Mothers Opposed to the Occult MOTW - Monster of the Week NEET - Not Evil, Evil Thing SIT - Slayer In Training SMG - Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) (T)PTB - (The) Powers That Be WC - Watchers' Council W&H -Wolfram & Hart 10) What is the term "*" mean? 10.1) "Shipper" It is a newsgroup slang for a fan or a proponent of a relationSHIP between two characters on a show. On Buffy, unless two other characters are mentioned, a shipper probably refers to a Buffy/Angel shipper. Initials are sometimes used as a shorthand them as in B/A shippers. There are shippers of all kinds such as Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Xander and Xander/Willow shippers, to name but a few of them. 10.2) What does Faith mean with the term "5 by 5"? This is an army, commercial freq. unit (or anything else more powerful than a Power Rangers walkie talkie,:^) expression. It refers to the signal strength meter on CB's and portable/amateur radios. When you were receiving a signal there was a meter with 5 graduations on it and it would move to indicate the strength of the incoming signal. As such when someone contacts another by radio, if they hear the person loud and clear they are 5 by 5, four by five, all the way to 1 by five is a lesser level of loudness. With a 1 by 5, you can barely hear the other site and cannot really make out what they are saying. It would be barely audible, but clear ie no static. The first number is how loud the signal is, the second is how clear, hence the phrase loud and clear. Not sure if it goes down to 1 or 0, but at 0, though you'd probably never actually say they were 0, how would you know they were speaking at all? People will frequently ask for a "radio check" to see how well they were transmitting. If you received the signal and your meter read "5" you would respond "I read you 5x5" as the same as "loud an clear". a strong static free signal and your voice is coming through clearly. 3 X 5 would mean that they can understand you, but have troubling hearing you very clearly. 5 X 3 would mean that there's static, but your voice is loud. The last word on this goes to Willow: Tara: what does she mean by this. Willow: that's the thing, no one knows... 10.3) Fanwank A fanwank is an explanation made up by fans to cover something left unexplained by the creators, or to cover up an seeming inconsistancy in the stories. 10.4) Bitca A euphemism for "bitch" created by cutting off the last half of the pronunciation of the letter "h". From "When she was bad" courtesy of Xander: Willow: That's what it was! I mean, why else would she be acting like such a b-i-t-c-h? Giles: Willow, I think we're all a little too old to be spelling things out. Xander: A bitca? 10.5) Hellmouth Cafe/Lounge? The Hellmouth Cafe is a chat room set up for Buffy and Angel fans, especially those from ATBVS and ATA. Everyone is welcome to join in. The Hellmouth Cafe is always open, but most people tend to meet there on Tuesday and Saturday nights. To enter, go to http://chat.deepnet.com:7070/ Enter a nickname and replace "#Lobby" with "#Buffy", then hit the connect button. For IRC, use "chat.deepnet.com" Port 6667 or "deepnet.com" Port 6667 10.5.1) What does that mean? BRB: Be Right Back Distractia: The land of people who are not paying attension to their computer. Often used when someone is logged on but is not taking part in the discussion. 10.6) Evol? The word evil is sometimes spelled "evol".This is an import from alt.tv.homicide, where a number of regular atbvs posters have participated. This spelling is based on the following conversation from the _Homicide: Life on the Street_ episode "Diener:" Meldrick: "Love spelt backwards is e-vol." Frank: "What?" Meldrick: "E-v-o-l. Evol." Frank: "That's not love spelled backwards, that's live spelled backwards." Meldrick: "Cut me some poetic slack, would ya, Frank." 10.7) Mary Sue? Mary Sue - A term developed when referring fan fiction about the original Star Trek which contains a large number of stories with "Mary Sues." A Mary Sue is a guest character who is virtually flawless and has the key skill / idea/ solution/ etc. to an episode's dilemma and has a romantic encounter with the writer's favorite crew member. The character was considered to be a thinly veiled version of the author/authoress. The term has been expanded to include recurring characters or new characters who join a show and are relatively flawless compared to existing characters. The term "Mary Sue" refers to both genders, although you will see a male Mary Sue referred to as a "Marty Stu." 10.8) Gabba? The traditional welcome to atbvs (and ata?) given to newbies: GABBA GABBA, WE ACCEPT YOU, WE ACCEPT YOU, ONE OF US! GABBA GABBA, WE ACCEPT YOU, WE ACCEPT YOU, ONE OF US! 11) Who is who again? The Major Characters: Liam "Angel" - David Boreanaz Cordelia Chase - Charisma Carpenter Wesley Wyndham-Pryce - Alexis Denisof Faith - Eliza Dushku Charles Gunn - J. August Richards Allen Francis Doyle - Glenn Quinn Darla - Julie Benz Buffy Anne Summers - Sarah Michelle Gellar (Alexander) Xander La Velle Harris - Nicholas Brendon Willow Rosenberg - Alyson Hannigan Rupert Giles - Anthony Stewart Head Daniel "Oz" Osborne - Seth Green Spike (William) - James Marsters Drusilla - Juliet Landau. Joyce Summers - Kristine Sutherland Hank Summers - Dean Butler Ethan Rayne - Robin Sachs Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins - Emma Caulfield AKA Anya Emerson Riley Finn - Marc Blucas Harmony Kendall - Mercedes McNab Kate Lockley - Elisabeth Rohm Tara Maclay - Amber Benson Dawn Summers -- Michelle Trachtenberg The Host -- Andy Hallet AKA (Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan, Lorne for short.) Winifred "Fred" Burkle -- Amy Acker 12) Why is it that some people bitten by a vampire turn into one but others don't. Buffy: To make you a vampire they have to suck your blood. And then you have to suck their blood. It's like a whole big sucking thing. Mostly they're just gonna kill you. Why am I still talking to you? Giles confirms that the last demon to walk the earth fed upon a human, and turned him into a vampire. This demonic force is transmitted to a person who has been drained by the vampire and then drinks their blood in return. (From Welcome to the Hellmouth) 13) You can find another more detailed FAQ that deals more with the spoiler of the show at: http://students.washington.edu/babyjane/angel BabyJane wanted me to say that this is where it all started or something... There are some nice downloads there is you want to start your search for the first season of Angel. 14) What is Buffy Survivors? Based on the recent TV show, we had a similar game on the NG. For more information, try: http://alcor.concordia.ca/~ra_forti/buffysurvivors Or you can try for a fan fic version which billones@Radix.Net (Jeremy Billones) has put together a Buffy Survivor web page at http://www.radix.net/~billones/buffy/buffy_survivor.html While it has a link to William George Ferguson's summary table, and Ian's awesome Week 12 retro-analysis, it's primarily an attempt to do a what-if, with the Buffy characters doing survivor-style voting in line with the newsgroup votes. 15) Why does Angel show up in video/photographs? Why does Angel show up in photographs when *everybody* knows vampires don't photograph or video tape? While we were never given an explanation as to why vampires don't show up in mirrors but photograph and videotape perfectly well, it has been a fact of the Buffyverse since the second season of Buffy. Giles had a photograph of Drusilla. Spike watched a video tape of Buffy fighting and staking one of his minions to study her style. And they have continued to operate by those rules on Angel as well. 16) While this FAQ is in the public domain of usenet, the author retains all copyrights. Those rights will be deemed surrendered to any other person if 1) The FAQ is not posted weekly for one (1) month and that any copyright protection is deemed transfered to the other, if and only if they agree to the following conditions. 1) They must then post a FAQ to ATA each week. 2) They must keep it up dated as the show continues. 3) They must also agree that any improvement to this document will be surrendered to any other person if the party in the first cannot post this FAQ weekly, and the party of the second will agree to these rules. 17) Are there any errors in this FAQ that should need changing or updating? Please email me or post it to the NG. 18) Special Thanks to all those who have helpped me keep this FAQ in order! William George Ferguson Riddler B. K. Schoonover Sarah Trombley BTVSFan starwolf1999 Yasminke Mark Nobles Linda" Mathew R. Ignash H.G.Hettinger Anne Warfield -- Just Thought I Should Mention It