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2003-10-09 17:27:30-07:00 - E!Live AtS set report transcript, part 2 - (reldevik@usa.net)

Reprinted with permission. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - *David and Kristin are standing in Angel's office, in front of the window.* Kristin: Yeah, you guys, we're in downtown L.A. right now. Through the magic of television. Can you believe it? Dave: Wow. What a trip that was1 My God! Kristin: Actually, not really. We're still in Hollywood. On the set. We'll be coming back with the whole cast. (not really Kristin! Where the hell are Andy and Alexis anyways?) Dave: It'll be fun. *commercial break* Kristin: Hey you guys, I'm right now in Angel's office. Dave: (sitting at his desk) Oh wow! Kristin: I'm sure I'm making lots of female viewers jealous sitting right on his desk. Dave: Very strong desk. Made out of oak. Kristin: This is where it all happens. This is the magic. He's now running a law firm. Dave: (laughing) On the desk. This is where it all happens. Things come alive on the desk. You have noooo idea. (you can hear JM go "woo!" off camera) Kristin: I'm sure at some point in the season, that will happen. Dave: It did already! Kristin: Did it? Dave: It's gonna start happening in a little bit, too. Kristin: Little teaser of things to come. We have some nice weaponry on the walls, and we have some other nice props over here. (Camera pans around to JM, Amy, and J). Some very lifelike creatures. Dave: Props! You guys have become props! James: It's okay, man. As long as the checks don't bounce, prop me up. Kristin: Tell me the truth you guys. This guy, he's new. What's the deal with him? James: They're pickin' on me. Kristin: Give us the dirt, man. Is it just like, annoying, having him on set? James: Hazing. One word: hazing. Amy: He sort of fits in. I don't know. We're starting to like him. (she hugs JM) J: No no no. Kristin: Come on, you have to do some hazing. J: No hazing. We're happy to have him join our cast. Dave: J! J's Mr. Lawyer now. He makes "The Practice" look really unbelievably crazy. He's got all the dialog now. J: That's right. That's right. Kristin: You have some insane lines. Dave: Exposition hell! J: Crazy dialog, man. It's hard to remember all that stuff. But you know, we try. Kristin: Are you saying that stuff in your sleep now? J: Yeah. Absolutely, absolutely. I think I really could go to court right now and win somebody some money. So, you need somebody, I'm right here. Kristin: So, just to recap here. You're now a lawyer. J: Yes. Kristin: (To Amy) You're... we're seeing... we're seeing your sort of bad ass side now. Which I love. Dave: (quoting Fred) "Pull it together, people!" Kristin: And Spike, I don't know what the hell is going on with you. You were in hell, now you're back, you're a ghost, you're walking through walls. Are we ever, like, going to see you be physical again? James: I really hope so! Kristin: And if so, are Angel and Spike gonna fight? James: I hope not. 'Cuz I'll lose. Kristin: You think so? James: Well, yeah. Have you seen my office? My office is a little smaller than this. Dave: It doesn't exist! James: It doesn't have all the wood. Dave: He wants one in the next episode. Kristin: It's sort of the invisible office. James: Yeah. I got a trash can over on stage seven. Kristin: You know, I heard a rumor that you were going to be doing a nude scene this season. Is that true? James: I already did, yeah. Kristin: Now that's something to look forward to. How about the rest of you? Everybody stripping down this season? J: No no no. Dave: I was naked. J: Oh that's right. You were. Dave: I did a scene right behind that leather couch over there. I had nothing on. It was crazy. Amy: All nude all the time on "Angel". Kristin: That was like, the new revamping of the show, right? James: Mm Hm. Gratuitous nudity. Kristin: Gaining a cast member, losing the clothes. Works for me. James: We save money this way. Dave: Yeah. Kristin: Okay, you guys. Be straight with us, give me something. What's coming up? What can we look forward to? Dave: Big, big surprises. Kristin: I want something good. Dave: Well you know, we have that two-parter that's coming out tonight. The end of that, which kinda corporealizes or doesn't corporealize Spike altogether. And we're gonna see it in the next couple of episodes. We're gonna have a big showdown, the two of us. Kristin: Oooh We like that. Dave: There's some prophecies and stuff. James: Nasty sex. You've got some nasty sex coming up. I got some nasty sex coming up. Dave: Crazy Halloween episode. James: End of the world happening. Dave: We got cats. Big cats in white rooms. J is battling this cat. We got theories and theorems. Amy, tell us a theory! Amy laughs. J: Come on. Just one. Amy: I can't remember any! Dave: "Work the problem people!" Recap of episode one, "Work the problem, people! Dammit!" And this is where it ends. Kristin sums everything up and sends it back to the E! studios. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Clairel