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2004-03-12 09:25:00+11:00 - Charmed, Fred, etc. - (mcardle@ozemail.com.au)

I was watching Charmed last night, and wondering why I don���t like it as much as some other fantasy shows. I realised it is because I don���t like the lead actresses��� voices! There are a lot of American accents, and some of them are unpleasant. There are also a lot of unpleasant Australian accents, but they are generally not to be found in television shows - everyone has a strange ���private school��� accent. In American movies people have the ���transatlantic��� accent. I have been put off by accents before. In Fran Drescher���s case it is (presumably) deliberate, for comedy effect. But, for instance, I find Holly Hunter���s voice grating, and it was a shock to me to find that Lois Lane had a New York accent, in Superman. Many actresses have a facility with accents. Gwyneth Paltrow and other American actresses do perfect English accents. But all three of the actresses in Charmed have whiny, nasal accents. I presume this is their natural accent. Nobody would choose to speak like that in an ongoing lead role in a long-running series! Which brings me to Amy Acker. I have no idea what Amy���s voice is naturally like, but Fred was probably going to be a short guest role, so perhaps she made up a nerd-like accent, and was then stuck with it when the character was made permanent. Perhaps her latest transformation is something of a relief to her! (I am several months behind, living in Australia, but I can���t resist reading spoilers <sob>) Or maybe her voice is like that. my URL, http://www.ozemail.com.au/~mcardle