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2003-05-21 14:48:44-07:00 - The Morning After - (fanfiction@mediafans.com)

Impure speculation but for those on a totaly spoiler free diet..Please go no further. Joss is always messing with our heads, but this time I believe he is setting the stage for transition. Giles and Willow seem to be off on a 'round the world journey to reach all these newly awakened slayers. Will they found a new Council of Watchers? One that will have a whole lot more to do than watch one girl in all the world. Will Buffy, Xander, Dawn and Faith and even Andrew join them? Well yeah , I think that could work. Wonder where Ethan is these days? He could side with the opposition. As to Spike...How will Angel react. He now knows from Buffy that Spike has a soul. How will he feel knowing Spike fullfilled the prophecy of a vampire with a soul, a champion , playing a pivotal role in averting the apocolypse? Will he feel cheated? Wes was shaky about the translation of the prophecy. Maybe the champion doesn't become human but does trancend , become more than human. Maybe Spike is returned because Angel has sold out to Wolfram and Hart and it's up to Spike to return him to the fold. Make no mistake about it, while the folks at AI feel they will just use the power of W&H to do good, the source of that power is evil and it will corrupt them. OK, ok, I know I'm picturing this in a Spike-centric view. I don't care. And wasn't it just a kick to have the Buffster tell angel Spike was in her heart? Bye,bye. The guy who is in my heart will be my champion and you head back to W&H till he can rescue you from yourself James Marsters as Harry Dresden..Make It Happen www.mediafans.com/buffy.htm