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1998-08-02 00:00:00 - Error in Gear? - (Tara Eizerman <eizerman@idirect.com>)

Did anyone else notice the error in the Peta article in Gear? Sorry if this has been previously posted too, by the way :) On page 78, in the first column near the bottom of the page, there is the highlighted line of the new paragraph. It says, "Born in Sydney, Australia in 1971, Peta Gia Wilson and younger..." Then if you go into the next column at the top later on it says, "......... Her stature, carriage and those locks led to a modeling career, dismissed now with a curt, 'it wasn't full time'. It did however last long enough to cause her to become bulimic. In 1978, her weight dropped from 140 to 110 pounds......." Okay, I'm not *totally* (!) sure if this is an error, but then how many 7 year old 140 pound modelling bulimics have you seen? - Tara E