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1999-01-20 00:00:00 - OPJ, some thoughts/Spoiler - (allenslh@aol.com)

In reference to #3 of season 3, I will now place spoilers. ( Does that sound formal?) * * * * * * * * * * *I have conflicting thoughts about the season 3 arc.I am glad to see Michael really does have good side to his nature.I am conflicted because Nikita was not the really the one giving a sense of normalcy to his life.Nikita has more of an understanding of the spliting of Michael's nature,but it was in living with and loving Adam and Elana he could express the better side of his nature. I really liked Adam and Elana.I did not want to like them,but how could I not? I really hope that the"girl" in the car Mack talked about was not Elana. I noticed Michael wanted to get Elana's father out of the room,before he was to be killed. He told Elana to say goodbye,that she needed to rest.He did not get him out of the room, of coarse, and section probably wanted it that way.I must also say, Operations and Madeline are two of the most inhumane people trying to save humanity. From what? Being able to live in a normal home with your wife and son? Mary Ann/ Midwest still a H.R.,but maybe realizing this is not your usual hearts and flowers romance