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2001-10-10 21:24:45-07:00 - Season 5 : Positive Comments Only (lighthearted) - (shazayn@mailandnews.com)

I haven't done this in a long time, I haven't written my meaningless rambles either. Well, anyway, here's something that came to my mind after watching a bit of TETMD last Tuesday... yep, two more episodes and S5's over in Singapore and that'll be the end of LFN... Forevah... Season 5 : Positive Comments only

2001-10-12 00:10:43+00:00 - Re: Season 5 : Positive Comments Only (lighthearted) - (silvrsharp@aol.comnospam)

<< "Yoda, she IS the Chosen One, you must see that..." >> ROTFL Thanks, I needed that! sharp (to e-mail, remove "no spam" from the address.)