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1998-02-04 00:00:00 - LFNer Personality Types (part one of three) - (Tracy <nospam@marks.net>)

LFNers: The 14 Personality Types (Part One: Types 1-4) DISCLAIMER: Ok, folks. I admit it...I've only seen about ten LFN episodes and I've only hung out in this newsgroup for about six weeks...so I'm being quite presumptuous in presenting here my off-the-cuff profile of the 14 LFN Fan Personality Types....But here it is. Please understand that my intention is to enlighten and amuse, NOT to offend....and if I do offend, I hope you will not flame me! Rather, I ask for clarification....help me perfect these LFNer profiles by sharing how they are or not relevant to you, and by suggesting any additions, corrections etc. which you believe will make them more accurate. Most people are likely to be a mixture of several types. Ask yourself - which are your primary types and which are your secondary types? For the record, I AM a licensed psychotherapist and book author (as well as an Internet trainer). My LFN personality is a combination of BYOPer, HACler, UPer, and PAANer. I will send this in three posts. Please note that I am copyrighting these posts....but am likely to give permission to repost if you ask me. Also, consider this a first draft, which indeed it is. Tracy (email address is my first name followed by marks.net. I avoid writing it out because of the email address collection program used by spammers in newsgroups). ________________ LFNer PERSONALITY TYPES: PART ONE copyright 1998 by Tracy Marks TYPE ONE: The PAANers or Plot Analyzers and Nitpickers These LFNers are most intrigued by the plot, and sometimes impatient with how romance has become a focus of LFN. They most enjoy speculating on the meaning of various actions in each episode and the connection to other episodes. Their greatest delight is in attempting to delineate the unrecorded action and unspoken dialogue, as well as guessing about the unrevealed history and context of Section Two and its characters, and what new gems of information will be uncovered in the next show. They also have precise, detailed minds, and like to ask questions ...but they want answers, and are frustrated by ambiguity, contradictions and incomplete information. They give themselves gold stars every time their speculations prove accurate. TYPE TWO: The IWBANPs I Wanna Be a Nikita Producers These LFNers most enjoy looking for discrepancies, mistakes and contradictions related both to the plot and the filming of the show. They are thrilled each time they play back a scene in slow motion and discover that the boat blew up before the missile struck it or that characters pulled out of the water were not wet. With each Nikita episode, they hone their observational skills. On their next vacation, they are hoping to go to Toronto, sneak onto the set, impress the production team, and get hired for the third season. TYPE THREE: The IWBANS' The I Wanna Be a Nikita Scriptwriter These closet and not-so-closet scriptwriters dream not of Nikita and Michael but about the recognition they'll get when the episode they write is aired and gets the highest ratings of any LPN episode. When they're not replaying the episodes and participating in a Nikita newsgroup, they're writing LFN fan fiction, or at least imagining the Nikita scripts they'd like to write. Their biggest conflict is that taking the time to write a sample script means staying away from the newsgroup or spending less time replaying the episodes on their vcrs. Only a small percentage of IWBANs have the self-discipline required for such a sacrifice. TYPE FOUR: The UPers Unemployed Psychotherapists These LFNers have missed their calling as psychotherapists or psychoanalysts, or have indeed entered the psychological/ social work field but are suffering from a drop in their caseload of fascinating and complex clients. Still attempting to make sense of their complicated, emotionally imbalanced or perhaps duplicitous parents, they thrive on diagnosing the LFN characters and speculating on the early traumas that make them the way there are. Their secret fantasy is to do intake diagnostic sessions on Michael and Madeline. TO BE CONTINUED IN TWO MORE POSTS -- Tracy Marks replace nospam in address with tracy This is my newsgroup-posting account; I try to discourage spam! WINDWEAVER Web Resources http://www.windweaver.com/ Top searching resources, guide, links Win95 manual and tips LFN Bookmarks http://www.webwinds.com/friends/bknikita.htm

1998-02-05 00:00:00 - Re: LFNer Personality Types (part one of three) - (Claire <sparkle@voicenet.com>)

I loved this! Here's what I think I am - TYPE FOUR: The UPers Unemployed Psychotherapists I think I'm mainly a UPer, being an obsessive charater analyzer but I also have hints of: TYPE FOURTEEN: The NAODANOs Well, aren't we all Nikita obsessed? TYPE SEVEN: Royette HACLers "His actions count louder than his words" TYPE EIGHT: The Jurgenites or TGFJers "Thank God for Jurgen" Can you be both? I liked Jurgen as a character and as a romantic interest for Nikita. But I also think Michael will be forever devoted to her, and maintain that when his emotions show through he'll be the best person for Nikita. I guess I'm a contradiction in terms. The MADOPS... Madeline and Ops fans What can I say? I'm fascinated by both of them, and spend more time thinking about their charaters and I do with M and N. What's everyone else? Claire -- Claire Martirosian http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Academy/9355/ "If you value your lives, be somewhere else!" --Delenn