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2000-07-31 00:00:00 - rushed - (geno <geno324@yahoo.com>)

I'll leave some space for spoilage... Does everything that's happening seem rushed? Should Birkoff II be a bit more FREAKED about waking up on vacation to find that he's now the prisoner of an ultra-secret organization and that his long-lost twin brother is dead? And that accent, eeeeyuck. A previous poster made the good point that Nikita is just a minor character now. That's OK for a few episodes, but it's been that way just about this whole season. And why on earth was she getting all misty about Maddy maybe ending up in tiny pieces? I mean, two seasons ago, maybe. But doesn't Nikita remember Madeline strapping her down and injecting her with all sorts of nasty drugs to get her to stop loving Mike? And all the times O & M have tried to kill her and Michael? I mean, Section is tough love, but I don't think that Nikita would be all broken up about Madeline shuffling off this mortal coil. Don't all Section operatives have a chip inside their bellies so they can be tracked at all times? Does Maddy have one? If so, wouldn't they have known she was alive? Just a nitpick. And our bespectacled friends with the orange briefcases...they're cartoons now. Before it was really scary, they would come in and you had no idea what they did to people in the white room. What was in those cases? What was the significance of the slashes below the eyes? Now they're on every episode and they're boring. You know what's gonna happen, instead of letting your imagination run away into the dark corners of your mind. I dunno, they've got 5 episodes to get this show wrapped up. And so far I'm disappointed. Five episodes is plenty of time, but it's gotta get better, fast.

2000-08-01 00:00:00 - Re: rushed - (damianREMOVETHIS@snet.net.INVALID)

Spoilers for "Sleeping With The Enemy" below... geno, (geno <geno324@yahoo.com>), wrote on Mon, 31 Jul 2000 22:09:12 -0400: >I'll leave some space for spoilage... > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >Don't all Section operatives have a chip inside their bellies so they >can be tracked at all times? Does Maddy have one? If so, wouldn't they >have known she was alive? Just a nitpick. Good point. For the sake of argument, I'll suggest that if anyone could disable the tracking device, it'd be Maddy. This reminds me of another nit pick I had.... What evidence do they have that she died in the first place? How many times has Section monitored a remote site, and been able to determine exactly how many survivors there were, or exactly who left the site and when. I would've expected Michael to tell Nikita something along the lines of "We haven't yet located any survivors, but the satellite coverage was incomplete, and there's an 11.2 % chance someone got out alive." Since it was a secret Red Cell HQ, I suppose they may not have been able to have the site under direct observation. But this would increase the possibility of error, and they would be aware of this. I find it odd they would make a statement like "There were no survivors" without enough evidence to be completely sure of this. If I were Ops, I wouldn't be able to relax until I had personally ID'd the body. Of course, a few episodes back, they broke out the champaign when George's helicopter blew up, so I suppose this behavior is consistent.... -- Damian E-mail: Damian at snet dot net Increasing the Entropy of the Universe Since 1972

2000-08-01 00:00:00 - Re: rushed - (monica <popcorn9NOpoSPAM@visto.com.invalid>)

Hi The look on Operations face was priceless. My first thought was, boy are you in for it. And about the tracker, Operations is so full of himself that he just didn't look to see if she was still alive or not. What an idiot. Maybe an idiot savante. Just an observation. Monica ----------------------------------------------------------- Got questions? Get answers over the phone at Keen.com. Up to 100 minutes free! http://www.keen.com

2000-08-02 00:00:00 - Re: rushed - (granvia@aol.comlong)

Spoiler space for SWTE > > > > > > > > > > > > > >Does everything that's happening seem rushed? Should Birkoff II be a bit >more FREAKED about waking up on vacation to find that he's now the >prisoner of an ultra-secret organization and that his long-lost twin >brother is dead? And that accent, eeeeyuck. > > > Should Jason be more upset in finding himself in Section? Yes, he should, if he were just a standard recruit. The way I have worked things in my mind is that Birkoff and Jason, in the meeting they had, and which we were not privy to, had a long and deeply detailed conversation. About their past; their mother, their separation, the experiment that Section submitted them to in order to see how separated twins would cope and evolve, and in particular, Birkoff's role in Section. Also about Section and the people in the organization, who were his friends, his enemies, his philosophy, etc. So, even though Jason might have been surprised to find himself in Section, knowing what he knows, he would not be as freaked to find himself in Section as most others, because he is well informed. He may have a plan. Maybe he and Birkoff had concocted a plan that was spoiled when Birkoff didn't show up to meet with Jason in AFRT. Maybe Jason by now knows that his brother is dead, and might have surmised that perhaps Section had something to do with Birkoff's death. Or he doesn't know as yet, but is concerned about Birkoff and plans to find out what happened with him. Either way, he may be playing along and be nonchalant about his new not-too-gilded cage of a life in order to gain their confidence. Only to wreak havoc on those that he may think wronged him and Birkoff once he is in a position to be able to right the wrong done to them.. Jason knows how to be a player. As he told Quinn, he is well versed in the way of business and its back-stabbing politics. Now, whether we see Jason take his revenge, I've no idea. I avoid spoilers. I want to know what happens only on Sunday nights at ten. But it wouldn't in the least surprise me if Jason does Section, or at least those whom he holds responsible for the fates of he and Birkoff. G > What remains to be seen is whether TPTB managed to work out that plot in the next five remaining episodes, so I can be proved right :-). Co-Web of the LFN Our NGer Gang (L.O.N.G.) A page for, by, and about the alt.tv & alt.fan Newsgroups: NGer photos/site links, LFN terms, NGer name medley, and more! http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Network/4458/